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Cockpit Arts x Fortnum & Mason

2 - 19 May 2019

For centuries Fortnum & Mason has been the destination for exceptionally crafted, beautifully designed, joy-giving things. We always seek to support unique, modern designers and craftspeople to ensure that ancient techniques live on and rare talent is always celebrated.

London Craft Week is an exciting time of year where craftsmanship is brought to the forefront and those who come through our doors can experience design, both modern and ancient, in a profoundly new way. In this year’s exclusive series each artist or maker will share their distinctive take on form and line.

This year we are proud to be partnering with Cockpit Arts to showcase the work of seven makers from Cockpit Arts design studio on the First Floor of our Piccadilly store. Each maker explores design through a unique lens using materials such as precious metals, ceramics, leather, textiles and wood. All of the pieces displayed are available for purchase from our Piccadilly store.

Selected by Jo Newton, Fortnum & Mason’s Head of Buying: Fashion, Beauty & Home, and curated by Annie Warburton, Cockpit Arts’ CEO, Form + Line will present:

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Ute Decker

Named one of the UK’s top ten jewellers, Ute Decker is exhibited internationally by such renowned art jewellery galleries as Didier and Elisabetta Cipriani. Described as ‘wearable sculptures’, her unique and limited edition creations are minimalist yet confidently sculptural.

Majeda Clarke

Celebrating regional weave techniques, Majeda Clarke’s award winning designs explore a lost weaving heritage and were crafted at Silk Mills in Suffolk and the Woolen Mills in Pembrokeshire. Her work celebrates the value of making and is always produced sustainably and locally.


Fflur Owen

Combining self-created techniques and traditional skills, Fflur Owen’s innovative creatures and forms are created from a combination of carefully selected leathers, combined to create strong and striking colours and textures.

Leah Jensen

Each of Leah Jensen’s vessels is carved by hand, using an aesthetic she calls ‘anti-digital’. She has showcased her work at Christie’s and Form Miami with the Crafts Council and had a solo exhibition at The New Craftsmen Gallery in 2017.


Eleanor Lakelin

Inspired by a passionate interest in the natural properties of wood and their resulting forms, Eleanor Lakelin’s work looks at nature from a new perspective. Her award-winning designs have been exhibited internationally and have been included in prestigious museum and private collections.

Matthew Warner

Matthew Warner is widely admired for his elegant, functional tableware. He focuses on the perceived cultural value of objects in the home, showing that even a simple teapot or milk jug can tell you a lot about the character and taste of its owner. He recently held a solo exhibition at the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery in 2018.

golden hamper

Jo Hayes Ward

Inspired by geology and nature, Jo Hayes Ward's designs are both intricately structured and elegantly made. Each piece shimmers as the light is reflected off its golden surface, while added diamonds and gems enhance the structures further. Jo utilises a digital design environment and rapid prototyping (3D printing) and much of her work is finished by hand using traditional jewellery techniques.

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