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Gastronomical Gifts Galore

A Fortnum's hamper is the gift that is guaranteed to light up any loved one's face. For more than 300 years, we've been creating exceptional hampers that are filled with an array of gastronomic pleasures, from our handmade chocolates to outstanding wines. Explore our range of hampers and discover what makes each of them a truly perfect gift.

Handmade Chocolates

For more than 40 years, our chocolates have been handmade in Brighton using the most exceptional ingredients. Crafted from rich milk and dark chocolate, filled with creamy caramels, soft fondants and clusters of delicious fruits and nuts, each bite tells a delicious story.

Inspirational Gifts

For flowers to celebrate a special occasion, jewellery and fragrances to treat loved ones with and an unparalleled offering of Champagnes and whisky, which can be personalised for birthdays, anniversaries and any other celebration, Fortnum’s is the destination for unique, smile inducing gifts.

Create Your Own Bespoke Hamper

We’re famous for our fantastic selection of hampers, yet we know the thrill that comes from creating your very own. With this in mind, you can now create a one-of-a-kind hamper filled with chocolate and sweets, or any of our other famous treats.

Save 15% On Wine Cases

Our wine cases are curated with a hand-picked selection of elegant wines and Champagnes, chosen by our buyers from Piccadilly store cellars. Save up to 15% when you purchase one of our outstanding cases.

Do You Know The Difference?

Have you ever asked yourself “what is the difference between a preserve, marmalade and a jelly?”. If you’ve found yourself asking this very question, allow us to answer it in our latest article, which is all about the fine art of making preserves and the various differences between them.

Events Like No Other

With Sky High Tea at the top of The Shard, Hamperling picnics at The Serpentine Pavilion and exclusive tours of the Highgrove Estate, events at Fortnum & Mason are simply one of a kind.

Exclusive Beauty & Fragrance

Our fragrance and beauty destination is proud to be the exclusive home to a handpicked number of artisanal perfumers and cosmetics brands, whose exquisite products are an exceptional treat for the senses.