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Piccadilly Window Display

Fortnum's have been taking tea seriously since 1702. To pay homage to our favourite delight, the windows of our Piccadilly home are now displaying a sample of our most splendid blends. Discover more about the eight teas we've selected here.
Royal Blend Tea

Royal Blend

A very traditional cup of tea first blended for King Edward VII in 1902 that'll certainly upgrade you regular morning brew.
Breakfast Blend Tea

Breakfast Blend

This full-flavoured Assam tea has been the perfect pick-me-up on the Fortnum's breakfast table for centuries.
Smoky Earl Grey Tea

Smoky Earl Grey

A tea with real oomph, our Smoky Earl Grey combines traditional bergamot with a touch of Lapsang and Gunpowder.
Afternoon Tea Blend

Afternoon Blend

An essential for Afternoon Tea, this wonderfully uplifting tea has been a distinctive part of Fortnum’s history.
English Mint Tea

English Mint

Brace yourself for the icy freshness of our refreshingly different English Mint Infusion Tea grown especially for Fortnum’s in Hampshire.
Rose Pouchong Tea

Rose Pouchong

Taste this fragrant and delicate tea made by interleaving rose petals and black tea. A subtle and drinkable cup perfect in the afternoon.
Lover's Leap Tea

Lover's Leap

Fall in love with this uniquely mild, clear and green-tasting tea inspired by the tragic legend of a prince who took a leap in the name of true love.
Sundae Tea

Sundae Tea

Bringing back the iconic American sundae dessert in a glorious cup of creamy green tea infused with vanilla, strawberry and much more sweetness.