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The Christmas Hamper Gift Guide


Choosing the perfect Christmas present for someone can be quite the challenge. Even once you've finally decided, there's the predicament of wondering how to wrap it and ensure it looks and feels every bit as special as intended.


As anyone who has ever been given one will tell you, there is nothing quite like receiving a Fortnum's Christmas hamper. Before you delve into our full range of iconic wickers, come and browse a selection of our most popular Hamper gifts for Christmas - across various price ranges and with something to suit everyone.


Let the delicious indecision begin!


This year, there’s no time like present to get Christmas all wrapped up. We’ve noticed an increase in customers shopping earlier this year, and recent global events mean that the festive season is proving to be very different, with this in mind, those who do leave it last-minute may risk missing out, and we don’t want you to be one of them. So if you want the very best of Fortnum’s this Christmas, we really encourage you to place your order now to avoid disappointment.

Hampers from £75

Good things come in small packages and our hampers are packed full of Christmas, always filled to the brim with extraordinary food and drink and things to enjoy. Starting from £75, there’s a wicker for everyone on your list this Christmas.


The Fortnum's Christmas Box Hamper £100

The Christmas Treat Hamper £100

The Merrymaker’s Hamper

We’ve been packing up Christmas merriment into wickers for centuries, and here’s all of that merriment in miniature form.


Filled with chocolate, biscuits and ever-so-delicious puddings, this wicker has been specially created with plenty of good cheer – and sweet tooths – in mind.





''This year, our Hampers are filled to the brim with excitement and joy. We all have lots of over-due celebrating to do and our wicker wonders are the perfect way to enjoy the festive season with your loved ones.''

Holly Hughes-Metcalf, Chief Hamper Curator


£130 - £150 

Perennially popular and for good reason too, this range of Hampers is the perfect introduction to a Fortnum’s Christmas, filled with highlights from our famous Food Halls, chocolate counter and more.


The Christmas Collection Hamper £150

The Fortnum's Express Hamper £130

The Christmas Pantry Hamper £150

Free-From & Friendly 

Now everyone on your list can enjoy a little Fortnum’s this Christmas with our trio of free-from and friendly Hampers. Filled with everything from puddings and cakes and even tipples too.




The Joy of Christmas Hamper


Ever eager to ensure everyone can enjoy a delicious Fortnum’s Christmas, we’ve created an entire hamper of gluten-free delights. Discover celebratory bubbles, sweet spreads, biscuits and cakes galore - all nestled into one wonderfully festive wicker.





The Wine Merchant's Hamper


Made for wine-loving vegans who are no strangers to a fine tipple, The Wine Merchant’s Hamper brings the very best of our vegan-friendly red, white and bubbly bottles under one lid. Just the thing for plant-based celebrations – cheers!






Yuletide Hamper


A little indulgence is certainly necessary during the cold winter months, and now everybody can enjoy the season's delights with The Yuletide Vegan Hamper, complete with Christmas Pudding and Hot Chocolate too.



Hampers for Toasting

Curated by the experts and filled with our finest tipples. If you’re thinking of sending a Hamper full of brilliant bottles to a loved one or simply stocking up on your favourites this Christmas, take a look at our Wine Hampers below.




The best Christmas presents aren’t wrapped, they’re woven… and our wickers are handcrafted from sustainably grown willow and always signed with the ‘F&M’ seal of approval.



£185 - £250 

Our Hampers are the gift that keeps on giving. Once all the goodies are gone, our wickers are turned into coffee tables, homes for messy wellies and happy puppies… Near or far, send a parcel of comfort and joy to your loved ones this Christmas.


The Classic Christmas Hamper £185

The Winter Celebration Hamper £185

The Family Christmas Hamper £250

£300 & Above

Christmas is back with a bang this year and that means you should to enjoying a little extra festive indulgence. Lift the lid on our famous Hampers and find all manner of teas, biscuits, meats, cheese, wines, Champagnes and all our festive Food Halls have to offer. 


The Winter Feast Hamper £300

The Magic of Christmas Hamper £300

The Good Cheer Hamper

Picked, packed and bursting with a substantial array of celebration-ready treats and tipples – from Scottish Smoked Salmon and Brut Réserve Champagne to our Baerii Caviar –


The Good Cheer Hamper will have you toasting, sipping and feasting throughout the festive season.



Exceptional Wicker Wonders

Christmas is a time for giving and this collection of hampers goes the extra mile with indulgence in mind. Whether you’re sending one as a gift for simply stocking up for the season, each wicker will see you or the lucky recipient through the entire season in the most merry way.


The Christmas Day Hamper

A hamper designed to transport you, bite by glorious bite, through a full day of Christmas feasting. Opening with our very sippable tipples, thick and flavoursome jars, some scrumptious savoury delights and the sweetest of festive treats. And still there is more to discover for yourself – so dive inside and let the feasting begin!




The Imperial Hamper

When it comes to this Christmas hamper, bigger is most certainly better. Inside the five hampers that make up The Imperial, you will find plenty of teaware and accessories, decorations, a copy of our book Time for Tea and, naturally, every delicious thing for the very merriest Fortnum’s Christmas imaginable.




The Christmas Feast Hamper

What matters most at Christmas – at least as far as we’re concerned – is the feast. And your family will be thrilled with this collection of festive food and drink, with glorious sweet treats, savoury delights and tipsy tipples. With meats and cheese, accessories and so much more.




The Sleighborne Hamper

Can you hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing and appetites ringing too? In chilly weather, it’s time to gather everyone together for a Christmas do. No matter which corner of the world you may be, this can all be made possible with this wicker laden with our teas, coffees, biscuits, chocolate, condiments, accessories and more.




Our wickers are wonderful, this much we know, and yes this is our Hamper Gift Guide, but we couldn't forget about our Christmas Gift Boxes. Each a perfect package of our favourite things, presented in our signature Eau de Nil or Wooden Gift Boxes.