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Fortnum’s Seasonal Selection

Discover a seasonal selection of wines and tipples, all hand-picked by our experts, and perfectly paired with delicious food from our famous Food Hall.

Fortnum's Brut Reserve N.V


Louis Roederer have been making a stunning non-vintage blend for us for many years.The dominance of black varieties offers roundness and complexity, while the Chardonnay provides elegance and freshness. Perfectly paired with our
Platinum Caviar.
Saint-Romain, Domaine Taupenot-Meaume 2013

Saint Romain Blanc

This magisterial white Burgundy is from Saint-Romain, one of the Cotes-de-Beaune's hidden gems. This is a wine with fleshy stone fruit flavours combining with rich mineral depth and delicate flint smoke. Enjoy with our
Herb Fed Whole Chicken.


Silky and perfectly balanced, our Nuits-St-Georges shows elegant layers of cherry, red fruits and truffle, opening up to a palate of black berry fruits with cedar-wood and juicy acidity. Perfectly paired with game, we also recommend to pair with our
Glenarm Cote-de-boeuf.


Our Margaux is sensual and alluring, with layers of cassis fruit and soft refined tannins on the finish. A delicious food wine, that is ideal with roast beef. For a delicious pairing, this wine is best enjoyed with our
Oven Ready Beef Wellington.
Fortnum's Meursault 'Les Narvaux', Vinvent Girardin 2014


From legendary producer Vincent Girardin, our Meursault is rich and full-bodied yet extremely refined, with ripe stone fruits and a slightly savoury mineral texture. We reccomend pairing this delightful wine with our
Organic Smoked Salmon.
Sicilian Perricone


Brand new to our Fortnum's Collection, Perricone is an indigenous Sicilian red grape variety, and is bursting with juicy red fruit flavours, and a hint of chocolate on the finish. Supremely versatile, enjoy with tomato sauces and pasta dishes. Enjoy with our
Vacherin Mont d'Or.
Barbera D'Alba, GD Vajra, Piedmont


Sourced from old Barbera vines situated high up in the Piedmontese hills, this seductive red wine shows a wonderful balance of fresh flavours, with rich plum fruit, and hints of dark chocolate on the finish. Best enjoyed with red meat, game dishes and perfectly paired with our
Welsh Lamb Whole Leg, Half Boned.
Fortnum's Sauternes, Château Briatte 2014


Our Sauternes comes from close proximity to Château d’Yquem.
This wonderfully sweet and golden wine, is produced from a blend of Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle for this extra special tipple. This delicious wine is best enjoyed with our delicious
Foir Gras Lobe.
Fortnum's Riesling Eiswein


Our Riesling Eiswein has a beautiful purity of flavour, it is sweet and honeyed but crisp and lively. This wine is a versatile paring for a variety of desserts, however this wine may also be paired with rich blue cheeses, for a richer experience. Pair with our rich and delicious
Traditional Stilton Jar.
Fortnum's 10 Year Old Tawny Port, Niepoort


Fortnum's 10 year old Tawny Port is aged for much longer in the barrel than its vintage cousins, which gives the wine its signature tawny hue and delectably lighter character.
This softer, nuttier style lends Tawny Port to being perfectly enjoyed with our crunchy and fruity
Dried Mixed Fruit.
Fortnum's Vintage Port, Niepoort


This port is vivid and intense, yet fresh and subtle, with sweet dark fruits and chocolate flavours are transported by a delightfully spicy structure, and has the right amount of sweet, ripe fruit to compliment a tangy, hard cheese such as our delicious cave-aged Cheddar. Enjoy with our
Waxed Cheddar Truckle.
Fino Sherry


Our beautifully delightful Fino sherry is fresh, nutty and supremely versatile.We recommend serving slightly chilled with any mix of hors d'ouvres or shellfish and it also works particularly well with cured ham. This Sherry is perfectly paired with our delicious, succulent and rich
Wiltshire Cure Ham.
Fortnum's Cream Sherry VOS, Bodegas Tradicion


This long-established blend of Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez has stood the test of time, and ours is a remarkable 20 years old. It's truly a delicious favourite and goes perfectly well, paired with a variety of treats, such as loaf cakes and fruitcakes. To get the best from this port, serve chilled. Enjoy with
Cherry, Walnut & Gnger Cake.
Fortnum's Marsala, Francesco Intorcia


Often overlooked, the fortified wines of Marsala are wines to cherish. Ours is bottled after five years cask aging, giving a deep golden colour and saline freshness to balance its rich and opulent fruit and nut character. Pair with Gorgonzola, Parmesan, dark chocolate or Pannetone. Enjoy with
Dark Chocolate Selection.
Fortnum's Single Cask Malvasia Madeira, Barbeito 2002


Our Madeira has layers of dried fruit, caramel and walnut.
It is balanced by an incredibly fresh acidity, which make it perfectly versatile. Best served chilled with everything from fruitcakes to vanilla ice cream. Once opened, this will keep indefinitely. Perfectly paired with our
Fortnum's Fruitcake.