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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Co.

Sparkling Tea is a new and innovative drinks category, developed by the Danish award-winning sommelier, Jacob Kocemba. Challenging and renewing the world of gastronomy, it's a range of organic low/non-alcoholic beverages. Each of the sparkling teas gives a wholly unique experience and, with up to 13 tea varieties in one bottle, each sip has a deep and complex taste that pairs with a breadth of dishes; from seafood to sweet desserts. Both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties maintain their focus on tea as the real hero ingredient. It's Tea. But Not As You Know It.

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, Blue

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea BLÅ, 0% ABV

BLÅ is based on 13 teas - including Jasmine, White, and Darjeeling, each of the teas selected to make the BLÅ cuvee has been chosen on purpose for its fresh and light qualities and it’s the delicate aroma of the jasmine that really stands out.
Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, Red

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea RØD, 4% ABV

A splendidly refreshing experience with every sip. After lengthy experimentation, the hibiscus flower became the star of the show in the creation of RØD. Hibiscus is also responsible for impacting taste, texture and colour.
Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, Green

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea GRØN, 5% ABV

GRØN, With its green tea base, has such a carefully balanced blend that it makes a brilliantly crisp and palate cleansing aperitif. Based on a fusion of 7 green and white teas, creating a complex base, with lemongrass for an uplifting finish.

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea VINTER, 5% ABV

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Vinter, 5% ABV

VINTER draws on the tastes and moods of the long cold months, with a taste that is elegant and long with clear flavourings of the spices of winter such as cinnamon, cardamom, and clove, all balanced with delicate yet zingy citrus, and is perfect for the festive season.

Iced Tea - With Added Fizz!

Thanks to the complexity of Sparkling Tea, it makes a brilliant cocktail ingredient. Perfect for summer but also for raising a glass to any special occasion. The talented and innovative cocktail creator, Christian Tang, has exploited this quality in The Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company's Sparkling Teas, and created these three fab cocktails, calling out each of these Sparkling Teas as a hero ingredient.
Not Your Garden Variety

Not Your Garden Variety

~ Because non-alcoholic needn't mean dull ~

The recipe

The Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Co. paired Sparkling Tea BLÅ, with Seedlip Garden & Clementines. Creating something both fresh, aromatic, citrusy & vegetal.

5cl Seedlip Garden 108*,

2cl Lemon Juice

1cl Clementine Syrup**

Top with Sparkling Tea BLÅ

*Non-alcoholic spirit from the UK, can be bought in specialty stores the world over.

**Dissolve 200g sugar with 200g hot water. Add peel from 4 clementines, leave to infuse for 24 hours, strain & bottle and store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

The Mallow Family

The Mallow Family

~ They don't come any better looking ~

The recipe

Fans of hibiscus, as evidenced in the ingredients of RØD itself, the Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Co. paired RØD with a fermented cold brew hibiscus tea, adding some extra acid and aroma.

7cl Sweetened Hibiscus Tea*

2cl Lemon Juice

1cl Egg white**

Top with Sparkling Tea RØD

*Mix 10g of Hibiscus with 200g’s of Hot Water, leave to brew for 5 minutes, then add 66g of sugar to the tea mix until dissolved, bottle and store for up to 2 weeks.

**Not essential for flavour but creates the light fluff on top of the drink.

Gin & Tea

Gin & Tea

~ The ultimate G & Tea... ~

The recipe

Few years back in Stockholm people got the idea of adding tea bags to their Gin and Tonic, The Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Co. said, why not actually just add tea to it? Truly inspired.

The touch of sparkle to gin, tastes even better than it sounds and gives a really fresh take on a lovely long-drink.

1 part Dry Gin

2 parts Sparkling Tea GRØN

Garnish with lemon wedges and apple slices