Welcome To Fortnum & Mason

Wine Hampers And Gift Boxes

For a lover of wine there can be few better gifts than a box full of the finest wines from around the world. Created with different themes in mind, each one of our wine hampers and gift boxes is a masterclass in excellence.

Glorious Gin

Gin has been enjoying a well-deserved renaissance in the last few years, as small distilleries set about crafting new spirits to provide an exciting alternative to the established brands.

Exclusive Vodkas

Vodka’s reputation has gone from strength to strength in recent years, as new and creative flavours emerge from a variety of regions across the world.

Save 15% On Wine Cases

The ultimate treat for the connoisseur, our exclusive mixed cases are filled to the brim with a hand-picked selection of superb wines.

Exclusive Whisky

Earlier this year our Wines & Spirits Buyers met with Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, of Lynchburg, Tennessee, to select a special whisky that would be unique to Fortnum & Mason.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Fortnum’s wine cellar contains some of the finest examples of champagne and sparkling wine that anyone could want, from the modestly priced yet elegant, to the frankly extravagant.

Personalised Gifts

Our elegant range of Champagnes and Speyside Single Malt Whisky can be personalised, making a great gift for the person who has, almost, everything.

Our Guide To Wine Regions

Allow our Wine Buyer, Jamie, to guide you through some of our favourite Old World and New World wine regions.

Red Wine

Fortnum’s wine cellars are filled with red wines hand-picked by our buyers, many of which have been selected and bottled just for Fortnum’s. Each represents the best of its kind chosen from every wine-growing region in the world. We’re nothing if not thorough.

White Wine

Every one of Fortnum's white wines has been hand-picked by our buyer, chosen from every wine-growing region in the world from South America to the south of France.