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Valentines Tea

Prepare to fall in love with Valentine's Tea...

Meet our once-in-a-season teatime creation, and three of our favourite things to enjoy with a cup

Never mind Champagne - the real tipple of starcrossed lovers is tea. Not just any tea either, but our romance-making Valentine's Blend, to be precise.

Blended just for the big day and only available for a strictly limited period, this light, delicate and beautifully floral tea marries soft white tea buds, scented rose petals and sweet hibiscus to create a cup that's wonderfully relaxing and ever-so-sippable.

Our tea experts suggest enjoying it without milk, and allowing your leaves to brew for a full five minutes, to allow the tea's full range of flavours to unfurl.

And just as importantly, we've also assembled their recommendations for the perfect sweet treats to partner with a cup of this amorous stuff. Happy sipping, and prepare to fall head over heels...
Heart Chocolates

A Heart-Shaped Box

Filled with a selection of irresistible things from our Piccadilly confectionery counter - including Ruby Countess Grey Ganache, Dark Chocolate Cassis and Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Dome - this fittingly-shaped Valentine's Day favourite is available in small, medium and large sizes. Teatime treats come no more decadent than this.
Vodka Thins

A Tipsy Treat

Combining the irresistable flavours of dark chocolate and raspberry, these delicious thins are handmade in Wales using the finest Belgian dark chocolate. Each thin is filled with smooth, rich ganache – enriched with our Fortnum’s English Barley Vodka – and dusted with freeze dried raspberries. A perfect accompianment to our romantic blend.

A Decadent Pot of Fondue

Perfect for dipping strawberries into, this divine pot is filled with a combination of sweet and fruit. The remarkable flavours of the fondue are balanced out by the floral notes of our Valentine's Tea, making this a natural partner to our Valentine's blend. This deliciously dippable dessert was made especially for Valentine's Day.