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Valentines Tea

Prepare to fall in love with Valentine's Tea...

Meet our once-in-a-season teatime creation, and three of our favourite things to enjoy with a cup

Never mind Champagne - the real tipple of starcrossed lovers is tea. Not just any tea either, but our romance-making Valentine's Blend, to be precise.

Blended just for the big day and only available for a strictly limited period, this light, delicate and beautifully floral tea marries soft white tea buds, scented rose petals and sweet hibiscus to create a cup that's wonderfully relaxing and ever-so-sippable.

Our tea experts suggest enjoying it without milk, and allowing your leaves to brew for a full five minutes, to allow the tea's full range of flavours to unfurl.

And just as importantly, we've also assembled their recommendations for the perfect sweet treats to partner with a cup of this amorous stuff. Happy sipping, and prepare to fall head over heels...
Heart Chocolates

A Heart-Shaped Box

Filled with a selection of irresistible things from our Piccadilly confectionery counter - from vanilla fudge and almond marzipan, to sea-salted caramel truffles and pralines - this fittingly-shaped Valentine's Day favourite is available in small, medium and large sizes. Teatime treats come no more decadent than this.
Chocolate Bars

A Bar from Our Library

Bringing a whole new meaning to ‘devouring a book’, our new range of chocolate bars are a scoffable library of classic and soon-to-be famous flavours. For real taste of Valentine's bliss, pick a bar, pour yourself a cup of tea, and settle down with a real book.
Rose Biscuits

Our Sweetest Roses

These sweet and buttery biscuits are studded with almonds and scattered with real French crystallised rose petals, which give each bite a wonderfully delicate rose flavour. Sophisticated, delicious and simply perfect for dunking, what could be better with tea than a biscuit or two?