Hamper Gift Guide

Choosing the perfect present for someone can be quite the challenge. Firstly, there's the predicament of picking a gift that suits the occassion, then there's wondering how to wrap it and ensure it looks and feels every bit as special as intended.

As anyone who has ever received one will tell you, there is nothing quite like receiving a Fortnum's hamper. Before you delve into our full range of iconic wickers, come and browse a selection of our most popular Hampers - across various price ranges and with something to suit everyone. Let the delicious indecision begin!


The Fortmason Hamper

Hero Hamper: The Fortmason Hamper

If you've got a budget of £100 then blow it all on the Fortmason Hamper and no one will be disappointed.

Named after our famous Fortmason tea first brewed back in 1935, this hamper brings together all of our favourites – with scrumptious biscuits, chilled and warming tipples, savoury pleasures, melt-in-the-mouth florentines and condiments and preserves bursting with flavour. Quite simply, it’s a wicker-full of treats just waiting to be enjoyed.


The Grosvenor Hamper

Hero Hamper: The Grosvenor Hamper

Packed to please even the most discerning palate, our Grosvenor Hamper is filled to bursting with extraordinary provisions - all for just £125!

Wherever this hamper may find you, every delicious thing is just waiting to be sipped and devoured – from sweet chocolates, biscuits and almonds to refreshing wine, tea and coffee. All that remains is to get your taste buds stirring and to raise a glass to good times – or a cup, of course – as Fortnum’s are here to help you celebrate in style.


The Soirée Hamper

Hero Hamper: The Soirée Hamper

Another one that's only just beyond budget (£225), we'd be mad not to honour it as a hero. The Soirée Hamper is a fantastic gift but also makes a wonderful addition to any weekend away.

Turn any gathering into a Soirée with this hamper fit to bursting with our finest selection of delights. Brimming with tipples, nibbles and sweet treats aplenty, guests will undoubtedly be oohing and ahhing from their first glass of bubbles to their carriages home. So without further delay, send out your invitations as one spectacular evening awaits!