The Journal | #Fortnums

Fortnum's Christmas Windows

Our Christmas windows have been unveiled!

While many will wait for the first sign of tinsel, the first fall of snow, or the sound of Mariah Carey warbling in the supermarket to declare that Christmas is here, the honest to goodness truth is that the season officially starts when our windows have been revealed. If you wait for the first mince pie, well, we were handing those out at their unveiling too.

This year, the eight iconic windows on Piccadilly capture key festive moments, and showcase hours of meticulous craftsmanship using hand sculpting and painting, customised lighting and bespoke engineering – because what you can’t see in the photos below is that they all whirl, move, and spin. We’re incredibly proud of them, and hope that you pay a visit to our Piccadilly store before the Big Day so that you can see them for yourself.

Ling heather honey

Below, a majestic metallic lobster is revealed from under a huge cloche, surrounded by gold prawns standing to attention.


Left a Christmas tree made entirely out of Champagne glasses with twinkling lights, depicting Fortnum's bubbly cascading down and around.

Ling heather honey

A teapot or a bauble? Why not do both?


Fortnum's bees

A herd of mince pies with flapping wings pull a sleigh filled with gifts.

ice pops

A hamper is a Christmas essential, especially when packed full of honey from our famous rooftop beehives.