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The Rules of Picnics





We all know about the Rule of Six, but what about the Rule of Picnics? With restaurants not opening for another few weeks, there’s no denying that now really is the time to learn.


Let it be known that it takes a lot to dampen our enthusiasm for picnics. We’ll manage to find a way whatever the weather, and these days, whatever the location too…


Read six expert pieces of picnicking wisdom from Fortnum's in readiness for your springtime feasting.


1. Picnic Weather is Every Weather



In a country with such unhinged weather as ours, picnicking is by nature an optimistic pursuit. Just when it seems that the sun has settled, the grey clouds close and down comes a torrent of rain - ready to soak your Platters and water down the Wine.


But as any true picnicker knows, the weather is all part of the great charm of al fresco feasting – after all, our green and pleasant land wouldn’t be so, well… green and pleasant without a little drizzle from time to time.


Should the heavens suddenly open up, simply pop open an Umbrella, or even better… a bottle of Champagne and laugh it off.

2. Eat, Drink & be Merry



When it comes to any picnic (beyond those impromptu lunch break al fresco feasts), the answer to the question 'How much food & drink should we take?' is ‘always more than you think is enough’.


Because never mind Christmas, picnic season is the time to eat, drink and be merry - and the last thing anyone wants is a stand-off over the last Champagne Truffle.


Luckily, with you're picnicking at home, the fridge is close by with delicious food you’ve had delivered from Fortnum’s, or your Cool Bag is picked, packed and ready for the park... the mood should hopefully remain harmonious.

3. Remember Food Hall Favourites



An exceptional picnic requires a great many of things, and ensuring you have a good variety is key.


With Fortnum's classics straight from our famous Food Halls, delight the taste buds of each and every one of your picnic attendees with something scrumptious.


And don't forget the Condiments... always ready to improve just about everything, a dollop of Piccadilly Piccalilli will transform anything, from sandwiches to cold cuts.

4. Meet the Picnic Essential



A good Picnic Rug marks your grasstop kingdom for all to see. It gives you an impromptu table-top on which to spread your picnic feast.

When the food is gone and you've progressed to lazy reclining with a glass of Bubbles in hand, it's somewhere on which to stretch out.

And should the rain begin to fall, it can even serve as a fluffy and temporary tartan awning to keep the shower at bay should you decide to remain outside. Magic.

5. Always Bring Some Champagne



A self-explanatory point, surely. Champagne is always an essential for a picnic. Just picture yourself enjoying a splendid glass in the beaming sunshine.

And to make sure this glass is chilled and refreshing, make sure you carry it in a suitably stylish Wine Holder. Designed to hold your favourite tipple of the sparkling, white, red or Rosé kind, all that's left it to sip, sip hooray!

6. No Squabbling (not even over the last Pork Pie)



Yes, they are very delicious and yes, they are the ultimate food for a picnic, but that doesn't make them worth arguing over. And picnics in general should be a relaxed occasion.

Kick your shoes off, lay back on your rug, and make sure you've got your trusty Picnic Backpack.

All that's left for you to do is pack it with good food and drink, hopefully to share with some good company. And what could be better than that?