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Feast Together This Christmas 

 From exceptional cheeses and handmade confectionery to sauces and condiments to spruce up your feast, our Food Halls are crammed with wonderful things from top to bottom. 

Fresh Hampers

Our fresh food Christmas Hampers are filled with exceptional things from our famous Food Halls – like Truffled Cheddar and Honey Stilton, brilliantly British cheese, Spiced Ham and sweet Smoked Salmon.

Classic Fortnum's


Start your day with something delicious from our breakfast selection. Whether it's our full-bodied Breakfast Brew, one of our many Breakfast Boxes or our brand new Granola, you can greet the larks with something tasty to fry, feast and sip on from Fortnum's.


At home, in the office or somewhere else entirely, our delicious selection has every lunch setting covered. From flavourful cheeses to our almighty Scotch Eggs, discover all of the fresh food from our hallowed Food Halls and more.


Lay the table and put on a spread like no other with our selection of dinnertime delights. Our Food Halls are filled with the most exquisite cuts of meat and more, while our wine cellars house exquisite bottles from the world's most heralded producers.

Irresistable Gourmet Pleasures

Christmas Wickers

We've often said that the greatest gifts are woven, not wrapped, and our wonderful wickers are the perfect example of that. From festive tipples to sweet treats, teas, biscuits and more, our hampers are filled with Christmas.


Fortnum's Hungry Minds with Stephen Fry

On this episode, we have a very special guest joining us. He’s a writer, an actor, comedian, director, quiz show host, activist – we could go on. And on. In short, he’s a living icon. It’s the one and only Stephen Fry.


Fortnum's x William Sitwell’s Supper Club with Tommy Heaney

13th October, 7pm – 11pm

FIELD by Fortnum's, Ground Floor Mezzanine, Piccadilly

We're excited to have the brilliant Tommy Heaney of Heaneys in Cardiff preparing the menu for this month's William Sitwell's Supper Club, hosted in our new restaurant FIELD by Fortnum’s.


Every day is a delicious adventure with Fortnum's. Follow our journey and share your own.