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The Honey Raffle

1ST - 29TH OCTOBER 2021




Our bees produce just one in-demand honey crop every year, and last September you helped us raise an unbelievable £16,073, with all proceeds going to Bees for Development. This year, we're getting involved again in a few exciting ways.


First, we have our annual Honey Raffle, and all you have to do is simply donate to Bees for Development here to be in with a chance of winning a bespoke hamper worth £545, which includes an exclusive Alex Monroe Baby Bee Charm Bracelet, the Alex Monroe x Heti’s Colours Bees in Bloom Silk Scarf, a Fortnum's Eau De Nil Hive Honey Pot, a Fortnum's Honey Candle and of course, a precious jar of our Piccadilly Honey.


The winner will also receive a jar of each London Rooftop Honey worth £100 to give to their friends and family.


A combination of factors, including habitat loss, climate change and pesticide use has seen bee numbers devastated in recent years. Research suggests that the UK has lost an average of 11 species of bee and hoverfly between 1980 and 2013 in every square kilometre of the country.


Your entry will help Bees for Development promote sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty and to build sustainable, resilient livelihoods across the globe. To show our support even more, we have a unique collaboration with the London Design Festival and the artist Arthur Mamou-Mani, who has created a spectacular installment at our Piccadilly home. 

Supporting our Pollinators

Our famous bee hives have been on our roof in Piccadilly for over decade. We recognise both the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect our beloved bee population, which is why in 2018, we installed 200m² of moss and wild flower panels on the roof, which the bees pollinate, improving the air quality and removing carbon around our Piccadilly store.


12 years ago, we added four beautiful Eau de Nil hives on to our Piccadilly rooftop, which we’ve since extended to a buzzing network across other iconic locations, including Somerset House, St. Pancras Station, Hoxton Docks, Bermondsey – and most recently The Royal Albert Hall.


The honey is harvested every September by our Bee Master and his apprentice. Together, they meticulously care for the hives all year round, ensuring our gentle and hard-working Buckfast bees are happy and content. You can read all about how we harvest our honey here.


Once collected, each jar of this rare and precious delight is hand-filled and numbered in London by a small team of passionate beekeepers, and every year, the season's crop differs slightly in taste. From each hive our bees travel within a three-mile radius, from the gardens of Buckingham Palace to the canals of East London – meaning their honey is truly a taste of the city.

The Dancing Bee Hives



French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani, who specialises in creating digitally designed and fabricated architecture, has created Mellifera: The Dancing Bees, which is a celebration of the beehives on the rooftop of our Piccadilly store in an effort to bring pollinators and nature back to our cities.


Mellifera, an installation of swirling, 3D printed beehives dancing through the atrium, will highlight the need for rewilding of our urban spaces. The 3D printed modules will make their way up from our Lower Ground Food Halls to our 2nd Floor to an illuminated ceiling made of bioplastics and will showcase advances in material innovation and technology.


Made from fermented sugar, the components of the installation are fully compostable and in the spirit of the circular economy will be reusable after the event. Individual components will be on sale following the Festival to raise funds to support the UK’s bee populations, with 50% of all proceeds donated to Bees for Development.

Honey Tasting Notes

Our London honeys are unpasteurised and hand-produced to ensure the natural aromas are protected.


Delightfully delicate honey, which is light in colour, with subtle traces of chestnut and lime
Hoxton A delicately floral honey, bursting with elderflower and citrus notes
Bermondsey Light in colour, with a savoury taste; uniquely contemporary honey
St Pancras Perfect for drizzling on your porridge or toast, this honey has floral and complex notes
Somerset House Bright and citrusy, with a delicate yet spicy aftertaste and heady lime aroma
Royal Albert Hall Thick and heady, with acidic undertones and a heavy floral aroma

Our 2020 London Honey Raffle is now closed. We’d like to thank our customers and supporters for their generous donations and we’re thrilled to have raised an un-bee-lievable £16,073 for Bees for Development. Congratulations to this year’s prize winner, Alison Chamberlain.