The Fortnum's Christmas Box

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We’ve been packing up Christmas merriment into wickers for centuries… and here’s that merriment in miniature. A wicker filled with chocolate, biscuits and puddings, it was specially created with good cheer - and yes, sweet tooths - in mind.
Discovery Notes

Discovery Notes

The Fortnum's Christmas Box

’Tis the season and there’s only one thing for it – open up this magical Christmas Box. Inside, you’ll find a spectacular collection of sweet treats to ignite your Christmas spirit and satisfy your appetite to boot, from our Chocolate Covered Pecan Caramels and Christmas Spiced Butter Biscuit Chocolate Bar to Marzipan Christmas Puddings Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger. As you feast on all this, you can enjoy the sounds of our magical Mini Musical Christmas Tin as it plays Jingle Bells – before devouring the contents of that too. For good luck, we’ve also buried a collection of chocolate Gold Coins in there too.

Did you know? The price of a Fortnum’s hamper is always less than the cost of buying its contents and basket individually.