Fortnum's X Patrón Single Cask Tequila Añejo, 70cl

Fortnum's X Patrón Single Cask Tequila Añejo, 70cl

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Fortnum's X Patrón Single Cask Tequila Añejo, 70clFortnum's X Patrón Single Cask Tequila Añejo, 70cl
Product description
Another first for Fortnum’s, our very own cask of Patrón has been selected from the exclusive Barrel Select reserves at Casa Patrón, Jalisco, Mexico – from which just 378 individually numbered bottles are available.

Cask No. 52, a combination of both American and French Oak, was selected for bottling. It strikes the perfect balance between natural, lightly earthy, herbal tones of the cooked Blue Weber Agave from which Tequila is distilled – and the balancing influence of vanilla sweetness from American Oak with softly spiced tannins from the French.

Incredible aromas of roasted tropical fruits and smoky vanilla precede a long palate of raw honey, cooked agave, lime, pineapple and fresh herbs – all wrapped up in vanilla cashews. It shows a deeper golden colour than the standard Añejo, hinting at its extended barrel ageing and layered complexity.

Evocative, tropical and elegant with real freshness and purity, this remarkable single cask tequila boasts an extraordinary spectrum of flavours to tantalise even the most discerning palate.

Best served neat, in a long glass with soda and plenty of ice, or in one of our exquisite cocktails.

40% ABV

Please note it is an offence to purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic liquor if you are under the age of 18.