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#FortnumsTea: Finding the Perfect Biscuit - Part Two




Riding the wave of the first pot, courtesy of our Famous Teas, pop the kettle on and join us as we continue our perfect tea and biscuit pairings.


It’s a highly-skilled job, pairing the right tea to the correct biscuit. And as for the dunking, well it's an art-form: it takes a certain level of concentration (and peckishness) to master it. A case in point, during a recent Elevenses we lost half our biscuit into the bottom of the teacup.


The nibblers below have been selected for their ability to be dipped and hold itself, remaining soft but without breaking. They have also been chosen because they are simply delicious and pair perfectly with our Single Origin Teas.

Each Classic World Tea is a superb cup from a single country of origin, celebrating only the very best of their region. And we’ve selected four of our most popular brews to pair with our favourite biscuits.


So without delay, let us present our pairings. Delicious suggestions, not prescriptions - because really, any of our biscuits makes for a perfect partner to a fresh pot of Fortnum’s tea. And, as mentioned in part one, dunking is still very much encouraged!

Rose Pouchong & Milk Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Biscuits



Possibly the most fragrant tea in our collection, Rose Pouchong is best enjoyed black.


There’s a slight pepperiness to this blend which makes it the perfect partner to milk chocolate.


A typically perfect Fortnum's biscuit, complete with salted caramel pieces and coated in milk chocolate, it makes a delicious companion to Rose Pouchong’s smooth-sweetness.


This chocolatey biscuit has been twice enrobed. And that means double the dunking opportunities.

Darjeeling FTGFOP & Piccadilly Lemon Curd Biscuits



The champagne of teas, our Darjeeling ‘Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe’ – is an incredibly high tea grade and is harvested from Himalayan bushes more than a century old.

This fresh, delicate and lightly oxidised tea pairs particularly well with lemon. Smooth and drinkable, it is a perfect partner to a true teatime classic.

Made even more extraordinary, our Lemon Curd Biscuits combine the tart-sweet notes of our own expertly-made curd with traditional buttery biscuit sweetness. They are delicious with just about anything you care to brew.

Keemun & Salted Hazelnut Shortbread Rounds



Requiring great skill to produce successfully – and renowned as the most famous of China's black teas - the small, delicate Keemun leaf provides a delicious cup, enjoyable with or without milk.


Lightly scented, rich and almost nutty, this smooth tea needs an equally nutty biscuit to match.

Made especially for Fortnum’s by a small family-run bakery in Edinburgh, our Salted Hazelnut Shortbread Rounds have a nutty saltiness for all to enjoy – it’s hard to stop at one!

Rwanda Orange Pekoe & Piccadilly Stem Ginger Biscuits



Grown in a region called 'the land of a thousand hills', where succulent, young tea bushes enjoy both morning cool mists and warm afternoon sunlight, our Rwanda Orange Pekoe is a golden, bright tea.


This brisk, robust brew needs a bold biscuit to stand up to, and our Stem Ginger Biscuits are just the match.

Made with teatime heatseekers in mind, this wonderfully buttery biscuit provides a delicious and warm hit of spice in every bite, with chewy pieces of stem ginger marbled throughout for good measure.

Prepare to feel oh-so-cosy with this full-flavoured duo.