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The Host with the Most




Hosting a dinner party? Gone are the days of simply bringing out the nice napkins and calling it a day. Now, the table setting is just as important as the food itself. So with the menu tried and tested, the next steps to dining dynasty is selecting the palette, centrepiece, tableware, glassware, linen – oh we could go on, and we will – with our top tips for creating the perfect tablescape.


Ready, set, scape!


Always Dress to Impress


First, pick a theme or colour palette to set your table with. Will you be transporting your guests to an English country garden or a luscious Moroccan paradise? By choosing a theme, you can focus your creativity and with that, a gorgeous tablescape will keep everything in harmony, from each dish served to the water glasses and table linen.


We suggest using Instagram and Pinterest to gather ideas and create a mood board of ideas. Keep things simple, but don't be afraid to add a few interesting and eccentric elements to surprise your guests. 


Bring the Outside In


Fresh elements on a tablescape will always make the space look inviting and can create a sense of calm or drama. Whether you’re using fresh-cut flowers or dried, mix them together to add layers and texture, and don’t forget to blend in artificial foliage throughout – this is a great way to build up depth and something you can keep to re-use again and again.


As with your menu, pick flowers which are in season – for spring, try mixing tulips, hyacinths, bluebells, snowdrops and primrose. And you can never go wrong with Peonies.


Keep in mind your guests and make sure everyone can see each other over your floral fancy. After all you don’t want to be accused of blocking off Jane by a cloud of freesias.


Keep it Unexpected


Flowers and foliage are always lovely, but sometimes you need a little something extra to bring your tables together. Try bundling together fragrant herbs, which will add another layer to the experience, or create a cornucopia of fresh fruits which trails throughout your table.


Look in every room in your home for inspiration, open all the draws, the toy box and the shed. You never know what could be the star of your next soiree.


Mix & Match


Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, layering elements throughout your tablescape will help keep things visually interesting. A classic white theme will always be elegant, but even here you can add textures, prints, fabrics or materials which will stand out. More often than not, the more unusual the pairing, the more interesting. 


Comfort is Key


Whilst we all love to make our tables look fantastic, we should also remember to make our guests feel comfortable. When designing a tablescape, keep in mind that your diners will need space to eat, drink and be merry… if they can’t move their elbows because a life-size golden monkey is in the way, you may want re-think a few elements. Our tablescaping rule is to always run away with the creativity, but to always keep it practical.