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Welcome to The Tea Post

Tea subscription service

Delivering the very best of Fortnum's teas through your letter box every month through our tea subscription box. From familiar favourites to rare seasonal finds, it’s the perfect way to start a tasting journey into exceptional tea.

Tea tasting made easy


Created for tea lovers and connoisseurs alike. Simply choose from a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription box at £15 per month, with free delivery to yourself or a friend..


Each month, we handpick a Fortnum’s Famous blend and a rare find that are perfectly suited to the time of year, then package them beautifully with our expert tasting notes.


Designed to travel worldwide and fit through your letterbox, The Tea Post arrives each month with 10-12 cups-worth of loose tea – enough to satisfy even the thirstiest tea taster.
Tea Post Parcel

Free UK and international shipping

Choose your monthly subscription

3 months


6 months


12 months


Treat yourself or surprise a friend

Free UK and international shipping

3 month tea cup

3 months - £45

The perfect way to start an adventure in exceptional tea, a wonderful gift to give, and three months of certain excitement when you hear the letterbox open.
6 month tea cup

6 months - £90

A half-year of extraordinary tea direct to your doormat, a generous present to a tea-smitten loved one, and a monthly excuse to use the good china.
12 month tea cup

12 months - £180

A full year of new discoveries and old favourites with our subscription boxes, the perfect gift for a tea lover you truly love, and proof that there is no such thing as too much tea.