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A Match Made in Fortnum's



Tea glorious tea. In our humble opinion, it can only be bettered with a biscuit (or three). And, as you can probably imagine, we get through our fair share of tea and biscuits here at Fortnum & Mason. Skills mastered within this area, include – but are not limited to - knowing what and when to dunk, the precise length of time required to soften (but not break) a borderline sinful variety of biscuits and the perfect tea and biscuit pairing for every mood or occasion. So without further ado, we present our expertly-selected tea & biscuit combinations - dunking very much encouraged!

Quick-fix cream tea


A cream tea is about as satisfying a foodie-fix as one can hope for and we've found the perfect pairing to help you recreate those key flavours whenever and wherever you are.


Our most-famous blend created originally for Edward VII. An upgrade on your regular morning brew, Royal Blend’s malty, honey-like flavour makes it an ideal partner to everything from a strong breakfast marmalade to a lunchtime Rarebit and, in this case...


Fortnum's Clotted Cream Digestive Biscuits are rich with a hint of salt rounded by the wonderful sweetness of Cornish clotted cream. Fortnum’s malty digestive is backed to be dunked or topped with strong cheese. If you ask us, it’s the world’s best digestive!

Worth getting out of bed for...


Any time after 10am is entirely acceptable when it comes to playing piggy in the middle to this exquisite pairing.


Our historic and ever-popular Breakfast Tea has been a fixture on breakfast tables since the mid-1800s. A full-flavoured Assam blend, it’s a strong and robust cup created for morning sipping. With a dash of milk it’s a great morning pick-me-up.


What to pair such a pleasant mid-morning brew with but our Salted Caramel, Nut & Date Florentines! Decadent delights inspired by salted sticky toffee pudding with a chewy base made up of dates and macadamia nuts with salted caramel. Need we say anymore…

Full-on flavour

If you're fond of a strong flavour, this warming spiced duo is truly devine. To begin with - our Chai Tea. Recipes for this famous tea vary from region-to-region, even household-to-household – our take on Chai was created in 2008. Made using Indian Assam and a hand-picked collection of spices, it partners equally well with milk chocolate or mellow cheese but is at its best with a crunchy thin.


Our Cinnamon Spiced Fine Biscuits are light, spiced and aromatic. Created in a small artisan bakery exclusive to Fortnum’s, they are marbled with cinnamon and make the perfect companion to frothy coffee or this just-brewed Chai Tea.

Naughty but very, very nice


And nice still comes nowhere near. This power duo is utterly delicious and admittedly rather decadent but nothing will lift your afternoon lull quite like this rigorously tried and tested pair.


A twist on the traditional bergamot-infused blend, Countess Grey is based on well-twisted orange pekoe teas, lifted by classic bergamot and a light orange flavour. Its light and delicate character makes it ideal for morning or afternoon drinking, when the spirits require a little reviving. It also means it lends itself brilliantly to a chocolate orange biscuit...


Chocolate Orange Afternoon Tea Biscuits are a zesty accompaniment to a cup or two of our famous Afternoon Blend Tea. This light and crispy biscuit marries indulgent chocolate with bright orange, to add a little élan to long afternoons. Made in England especially for us, these delicious biscuits are presented in a beautiful Fortnum’s tin.

Colossally good


We couldn't possibly put enough emphasis on this duet - or the power ballad they create when enjoyed together. If you're feeling weary, peckish or off-colour, this should be your go-to. It's basically medicinal, folks!


Start with a bracing brew of our Queen Anne Blend – created in 1907, our bicentenary year, this popular blend commemorates the reigning sovereign in the year that Fortnum & Mason first began. The smooth blend of carefully selected TGFOP Assam and Ceylon FBOP teas produces a strong, smooth tea refreshing at any time of day.


And now for what must be one of the mightiest biscuits we've ever produced. The Toffolossus is a delicious twist on its near-namesake – the famous Fortnum's Chocolossus – salty-sweet and chewy toffee combines with plump dates in this expertly baked and abundant chocolate covered biscuitty masterpiece.