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Meet Our Summer Scent Ice Creams


From freshly mown grass to sun tan lotion and a Blackpool rock, it’s the tastes and smells of summer holidays that linger in our memories long after.


Equally as important is the ice cream. Lovely, delicious ice cream. Catnip for kids, adults and wayward seagulls alike, it really is the ultimate summer treat. And as any visitor to our Piccadilly Parlour will attest, ours are no ordinary ice creams. Particularly the ones we’re serving this summer, thanks to some rather unusual flavours on the menu.


Before you wrinkle your nose and say something reckless like, ‘I don’t want an ice cream that tastes like suntan lotion’, just remember that we often don’t know what we want until it is served to us in a cone loaded with sprinkles. Besides, these wonderful flavours were voted for by you! That's right, we asked you to vote for the scents you'd most like to see transformed into delicious ice creams, and now we're here to introduce you to those tasty results. 

Freshly Cut Grass

A perennially popular summer scent, nothing heralds the beginning of the sunny season more than the fragrance of freshly mown grass wafting over a warm day. Our wizard chefs have achieved the ultimate feat: reimagining that aroma as a delicious ice cream. 


Tasting notes

Infused with real hay for subtly sweet tones

Suntan Lotion

The scent of suntan lotion instantly conjures up memories of family holidays in the sunshine. Prepare to experience those memories again with our new suntan lotion ice cream. A coconut-flavoured delight, this has a taste that says summer like nothing else - just don’t go slathering it all over yourself.


Tasting notes

A delicious coconut base

Summer Sea Spray

This is an ice cream creation with summer's name all over it. Quite literally. Yes, one of your favourite scents of the season was that of the sea air. In a pastel blue hue, the salty and slightly savoury taste of this creation will instantly transport you - along with your tastebuds - to the sun-drenched coast. 


Tasting notes

Salty sweet

Blackpool Rock

While this may not be in Blackpool and it may not be as hard as rock, the delicious taste of a classic Blackpool rock nonetheless shines through on this ice cream. A delightfully minty and nostalgic treat, if you've ever wanted a Blackpool rock without the arduous chomping involved, we think this might be the perfect solution.


Tasting notes

Minty with sticky-sweet red sugar syrup