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The Whole Fish Cookbook by Josh Niland

Catalogue code: 8027029

Ever thought there could be more to a fish than just the fillet? The Whole Fish Cookbook will open your mind to the fresh, unusual and utterly delicious.

Pioneering new ways to cook, eat and think, Australia’s groundbreaking chef Josh Niland beautifully articulates every aspect of fish cookery, whilst methodically opening minds to how sustainability and creativity can coexist.

From the raw, cured and pickled to the poached, fried and roasted, this book is packed with over 60 innovative recipes, such as Smoked Ocean Trout Rillette, Fish Cassoulet, Roast Fish Bone Marrow, and even The Perfect Fish and Chips.

Accessible and inspiring, The Whole Fish Cookbook shows us there is plenty more than a handful of fish in the sea.

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