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Piccadilly Biscuits Perfect Pairings

Six deliciously buttery and moreish biscuits, six perfect teatime partners - find a new favourite double act here.

Stem Ginger Biscuits

This wonderfully buttery biscuit provides a delicious and warm hit of spice in every bite, with chewy pieces of stem ginger marbled throughout for good measure.

A full-flavoured treat made with teatime heatseekers in mind, they are especially excellent paired with our robust Afternoon Blend and honey-sweet Royal Blend teas.

Flapjack Biscuits

Sweet, crunchy biscuits so chocked full of fruit and nut that a single one could give any breakfast granola bar a run for it’s money, our Flapjack Biscuits are individual works of biscuit baking excellence.

Truly versatile and extraordinary, we recommend pairing with our famous (and famously brisk) Breakfast Blend, or our refreshing Afternoon Blend. And as you might have already guessed: it's a sturdy dunker, this.

Salted Caramel Biscuits

A beautifully balanced match of biscuit sweetness and subtly-salted caramel, the taste is rich, bold and impossibly moreish.

Another full-flavoured biscuit, we recommend pairing it with something similarly strong to sip - from our pleasingly complex Queen's Blend Coffee, to our bold Assam Superb tea.

Chocolate Pearl Biscuits

Rich and buttery and liberally studded with sweet chocolate pearls, biscuits more indulgent than these are few and far between.

For such a deliciously sweet treat, we recommend sipping something with a little kick - like our strong and smoky Sandringham Blend coffee, or our bergamot-rich Earl Grey tea.

Macadamia Nut Biscuits

Made with mountains of the eponymous nuts, these scrumptious creations match buttery, crumbly biscuit with the creamy crunch of finest Macadamias.

A subtle biscuit - but no less extraordinary for it - we recommend partnering it with the malty, honey notes of our Royal Blend, or the delicate taste of our Jasmine Green tea.

Lemon Curd Biscuits

A true teatime classic biscuit, made even more extraordinary, our Lemon Curd biscuit combines the tart-sweet notes of our own expertly-made curd with traditional buttery biscuit sweetness.

Delicious with just about anything you care to brew - from the light and bright taste of our new English Camomile Infusion to the elegant and bittersweet notes of our Cabinet Blend coffee.