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Long Love #Fortnums

Celebrating your re-love and re-use of our packaging.

Our Long Love #Fortnums campaign was a celebration of the rich and varied uses our customers put our packaging to... after you’ve devoured the contents, of course. As a business that was founded on recycling half-burned candles from Queen Anne’s palace, reuse has long been at the heart of Fortnum’s – and in the same spirit, you have been reusing and reimagining the things we make ever since. From hampers to coffee tables and homes for happy puppies and messy wellies, to tea caddies swapping their leaves to become plant pots and paintbrush holders, our products are designed to live on.


To begin our campaign we showcased some of the images you had already sent us over the years. Giant screens filling some of our front windows on Piccadilly put them on full display, referencing their authors. We then asked you to enter their innovations into our competition, sharing your re-love by using the hashtag Long Love #Fortnums; all in with a chance of winning and having your creations added to the window show-reel. Below are just a few of our favourites...