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Fortnum's Cheese Festival:
This Week's Featured Cheese



We pride ourselves on tracking down the very best British & Irish cheeses, handmade by artisan cheesemakers all over the country. Our Festival of Great British & Irish Cheese is a celebration of these exceptional producers who have been working harder than ever before during the Covid-19 pandemic.



Starting from 14th September, we'll be highlighting a different cheese, and cheesemonger, for you to discover every week until Christmas with expertly chosen pairings to bring out the flavour of the cheese. Visit us at our Piccadilly Cheese Counter to enjoy 10% off a different cheese every week.


14th - 20th December


Colston Basset Blue Stilton


Made by Billy Kevan and his team in Nottinghamshire, England, this beautiful blue cheese has an ideal balance of fruity and floral blue veining and creamy, buttery paste.


Colston Bassett Creamery began making cheese in 1913 and continue to use milk that comes from local farms in the Vale of Belvoir, the cradle of Stilton making. Fruity, savoury flavours are balanced by a delicate blue note - Billy allows the blue to flourish only after the cheese has developed its own complex character.



Perfect Pairings

Damson Cheese


The sharp sweetness of the damson cheese will pair perfectly with the creamy texture of Colston Bassett.


Moroccan Mint Tea


Fresh green tea blended with mint cuts through the creaminess and blue veining of this cheese.


Walnut & Seed Crackers


The crisp texture and creamy flavour carry the strong flavours of this cheese beautifully. 


Christmas Pudding Madeira 


Spicy and rich, this Madeira is a fruity match for this flavoursome Stilton.



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