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11th March 2021

Introducing Fortnum's New Bespoke Tea Blending Service, Available in Piccadilly 

Be it our famous historic house blends or rare finds from the world’s most exclusive gardens, a Fortnum’s cup of tea is no mere cuppa.


From leaf type and flavour profile to intensity and even time of day; we know there are endless personal preferences when it comes to how we all enjoy our tea.


That’s why we’ve launched Fortnum’s Bespoke Blending Service; a palate-personalised experience, expertly guided by our tearistas that allows you to create a blend uniquely your own or treat for a friend.


Through our years of experimentation and refinement, our tearistas have meticulously curated every possible flavour combination to ensure the highest quality in every cup - so you can be sure that whatever blend you create, it’ll always be Fortnum’s delicious quality.


With the opportunity to add a name onto the tea tin itself, it makes for the ultimate personalised gift – for a loved one, of yourself. 


Visit us in Piccadilly to create something that's just your cup of tea. 

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Sadly, just a few days later our resolve did not survive contact with reality. Driving through Nagaland in North-East India famous for its (now retired) communities of head hunters, The Last Overland team found themselves stuck in a heated roadblock on the way to Imphal, as two Naga villages with a history of enmity tried to establish who was responsible for a spate of burnt buildings that morning. Facing a delay of several days and increasingly heated discussions around us, a call was made to unleash the hamper once more. This time it was the Chocolossus and Piccadilly Biscuit Selections that came to our aid. Passing them round to an incredibly baffled, but now well-fed band of young men responsible for keeping us blocked up, tempers started to noticeably cool. Our little convoy of three Land Rovers soon became a mobile pantomime, as the team shared the stories of both the First Overland Expedition we were paying homage to, and the plans for our own journey. Soon enough, and a few tins of biscuits lighter, our team were finally allowed to move on through

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