Elvas Plums, 320g
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Elvas Plums, 320g

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Elvas Plums, 320gElvas Plums, 320g
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These richly decadent Elvas Plums are the original sugar plums named after The Nutcracker's sweet fairy. Made from greengages that are grown in the Elvas region of Alentejo, Portugal, the greengages are selected and harvested in July, before being cooked, and soaked in sugar for six weeks, creating a truly festive treat. Greenish in color, these plums are prized in many countries for their rich, sweet flavour. A perfect pairing for your cheeseboard, particularly with a firm salty cheese or a rich goat cheese.

Weight: 320g

Eat me quick! Please note this product should be consumed by May 2020.
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