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Tea Cocktails #1 | Rose Negroni Cocktail

The first in a series of cocktails made with our tea combines two of our favourite things: tea and gin...

The Ingredients

Fortnum’s London Dry Gin

Fortnum’s Rose Pouchong Tea

• Martini Ambrato

• Amaro Ciociaro

• Orange Bitters

• Rose Petals.

The recipe


First, create the Rose Negroni’s distinctive main ingredient, Rose Pouchong-infused Gin, by adding 3 Rose Pouchong silky tea bags to 100ml of Fortnum’s Gin. Leave to cold-infuse in the refrigerator.


After 1 hour of infusing, remove the gin from the fridge. Place a handful of ice cubes into a glass, and pour in one 25ml measure.


Add 35ml Martini Ambrato, 15ml Amaro Ciociaro, 2 drops of orange bitters, and stir. Garnish with a rose petal and enjoy. Responsibly, of course.

Time for another?

Time for another?

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