3 and 6 Bar

An intimate bar for all on the 3rd floor at Piccadilly

Set in the heart of our 3rd floor Gentlemen's Department, the newest bar at Fortnum's is a relaxed, intimate spot for all visitors to enjoy. And in typical Fortnum's fashion, its name hides a fascinating story.

In the 1930s, customers could pay to have Fortnum's throw a cocktail party in their home.

The price per head (for everything excluding the alcohol, unfortunately) was three shilling and sixpence - written as 3'6 in old money. The location to order was not too far from where the bar itself now stands.

Converted into modern money, 3'6 is almost exactly £11 - which far from coincidentally is the price of the most iconic cocktails on our menu too.

A huge range of spirits, from cognacs to whiskies and all points between, are also available. So too, Fortnum's famous tea. Also boasting a delicious food menu of light bites and sweets - including Steak Tartare, Potted Rabbit, Welsh Rarebit, Raspberry Trifle and Treacle Tart - 3 and 6 Bar combines Fortnum's signature sense of pleasure with a home-from-home, snug-bar atmosphere.

Take a seat, and experience the atmosphere first-hand.

Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday: 12noon - 8pm

Sunday: 12noon - 6pm.

No bookings required.

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