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Cult51 Night Cream, 50ml

Catalogue code: 2107803

Cult51 is a skincare first; a revolutionary 3D night cream with a multi-active formulation containing the finest key actives to help your skin cells generate younger-looking skin.

Over two years in development, CULT51 multi-active night cream is abundant with scientifically advanced ingredients at the highest concentrated levels, giving over 51 anti-ageing benefits with long-term, lasting results.

The combination of active key ingredients work together with your skin’s own molecules to encourage growth and generation of new skin cells, promoting collagen and hyaluronic acid production whilst protecting against genetic ageing.

CULT51 produces unprecedented results; fine lines, wrinkles and age spots are reduced, skin tone is brightened to create a more flawless and radiant appearance whilst naturally and dramatically slowing the ageing process.

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