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Fortnum's Cheese Festival:
This Week's Featured Cheese



We pride ourselves on tracking down the very best British & Irish cheeses, handmade by artisan cheesemakers all over the country. Our Festival of Great British & Irish Cheese is a celebration of these exceptional producers who have been working harder than ever before during the Covid-19 pandemic.



Starting from 14th September, we'll be highlighting a different cheese, and cheesemonger, for you to discover every week until Christmas with expertly chosen pairings to bring out the flavour of the cheese. Visit us at our Piccadilly Cheese Counter to enjoy 10% off a different cheese every week.


30th November - 6th December


Cropwell Bishop


If Cheddar is the king of British cheese, then Stilton is the Queen. Made by the Skailes family in Nottinghamshire, England, Cropwell Bishop has delicious notes of caramel, umami, fruitiness, and a spicy blue finish.


With a luxuriant, creamy texture, it's an outstanding example of this noble cheese, whose pedigree stretches back at least three hundred years.



Perfect Pairings

Damson, Blackberry & Apple Chutney


The sharp sweetness of this moreish Chutney will pair perfectly with the creamy texture of Cropwell Bishop.


Rwanda Orange Pekoe Tea


This fantastically bright and golden loose leaf tea is a perfect partner alongside Cropwell Bishop cheese.


Walnut & Seed Crackers


The crisp texture and earthy flavour carry the strong flavours of this cheese beautifully. 


Fortnum’s Reisling Eiswein 


Our Riesling Eiswein has a beautiful purity of flavour. Sweet and honeyed but crisp and lively, this wine compliments Cropwell Bishop beautifully.


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