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Vestal Blended Potato Vodka, 70cl

Catalogue code: 2145891

Much like expert winemakers, Vestal focuses on both terroir and vintage in their approach to vodka, crafting it by using Polish potatoes harvested while young -- to get their full flavour profile. Each bottle carries the name of the region where the potatoes were harvested, as well as the year.

To created their Blended Potato Vodka, the Vestal distillers use a combination of three different potato varieties – Innovator, Asterix Russet Burbank. Filtered only once, capturing the character of these potatoes in the spirit, it’s a superb starting point for a number of cocktails.

Vestal Vodka is a supremely substantial starting point for a delicious vodka martini, or a number of other traditional cocktails that call for top quality vodka.

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