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The Magnificent Crackers

Catalogue code: 8023509
Was £1,000.00

Made in England

There are few more majestic than these beautifully handmade Magnificent Crackers. Presented in a signature Fortnum's wicker, each cracker has an exceptional, keepsake gift hidden inside. From a Victoria Murdoch Silken Favours Scarf to an exquisite Launer Leather Card Holder, and a Windsor Croc Leather Hip Flask to a delightfully unusual pair of Babette Wasserman Lobster Cufflinks, you can rest assured the contents will be cherished long after they're pulled.

Contents include:

  • 1. Victoria Murdoch Silken Favours Scarf
  • 2. Launer Leather Card Holder
  • 3. Babette Wasserman Lobster Cufflinks
  • 4. Leah Alexandra Rope Wrap Pearl Bracelet
  • 5. Windsor Croc Leather Hip Flask
  • 6. Five Piece Framed Manicure Set

  • Contains six crackers.

    Dimensions: 94cm(H) x 42cm(W) x 52cm(D)

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