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The For the Love of Tea Hamper

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Deliciously designed for every tea devotee, this aptly-named wicker is filled with our finest blends and biscuits, including a bottle of our innovate non-alcoholic Sparkling Tea. Whether sending to a friend or sipping through yourself, this hamper's expertly blended contents will ensure that you never pour a boring brew again.

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Did you know? The price of a Fortnum’s hamper is always less than the cost of buying its contents and Wicker individually.


Discovery Notes

Lift the lid on this adventurous wicker and let us take you on a journey through a world of exceptional flavour with different blends of rare and famous Fortnum’s teas.

We begin our voyage with a blend that is popular in Piccadilly, Darjeeling BOP Tea. This famous strong black tea is known for its vivid, coppery infusion and is harvested from the bracing foothills of the Himalayas, it is truly exceptional.

Similarly, our latest blend, Albion Tea is simply sublime - refreshingly strong, with a blend of malty Assam and bright Kenyan. For a more restful moment, our Tempo Botanical Infusion Tin will do just the trick. With all this tea you’ll need a pot, and you’ll find our delicate Glass Teapot for One, and a County Cotton Tea Towel.

You’ll find two of our famous tea tins in this wonderful wicker. Firstly, our classic Fortmason tea that has an aromatic flavour from the uplifting oil of bergamot. Secondly, our Royal Blend, a delicious mix of flowery pekoe and malty Assam that was famously created for King Edward in 1902.

To top this delicious wicker off, indulge in our County Biscuit Tin and a pack of our Fortmason Tea Biscuits. Finally, our 0% ABV Sparkling Tea gives you the perfect excuse to celebrate with an innovative bottle of bubbly, without the alcohol – cheers!

Did you know? The price of a Fortnum’s hamper is always less than the cost of buying its contents and basket individually.

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