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An Elephant Family Outing


Fortnum's, Xerjoff and Nyetimber support the CoExistence campaign this summer


We need to talk about the elephant in the room. Or, on this occasion, in the park, as any joggers, cyclists and other frequenters of London’s royal parks may have been surprised to discover several of their favourite picnic spots already occupied by some unusually hefty and large-eared picnickers.


A herd of elephants - yes, we did say a herd of elephants - has made the trip to the capital and taken up residence in the royal parks of London as part of the CoExistence campaign with the Elephant Family charity. This UK-based charity is dedicated to the preservation of the natural habitats of elephants in Asia, as well as the promotion of the coexistence between animals and humans in the natural world.


Supported by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, the CoExistence campaign has seen 100 life-size sculptures of elephants - all made from the invasive weed Latana Camara - migrate to our parks.


Now while you may have noticed that we’re quite fond of tea here at Fortnum’s, so far experts are unclear on whether elephants have any particular interest in the stuff. However, their natural habitats can sometimes encroach on tea plantations, which is why the Elephant Charity funds what they call ‘wildlife corridors’ that allow the elephants to pass through these plantations safely.


But why have we taken such an interest in these particular elephants? Well, we’re supporting the Elephant Family’s campaign in multiple ways.



What could possibly be more enjoyable than sipping a glass of the finest bubbles under the summer sun? Knowing that all those sips will be helping the planet, we’d imagine. We’re stocking a limited edition bottle from renowned English sparkling wine producer Nyetimber, which will support the CoExistence campaign as well as the ‘Trees of the Downs’ initiative to support vital regrowth of UK tree species.

They will be sponsoring the Tree Trunker Herd in Green Park, so if you’re ever in the area, raise a glass to them. What’s more, they will commit to plant one tree for every limited-edition Classic Cuvee bottle sold. Cheers!



Visiting all the elephants in the Royal Parks is a multi-sensory experience - a good one, we promise - and aromas have been created and placed to surround the herd to transport visitors to the jungles of India. This has inspired luxury Italian perfume house Xerjoff to create the very fitting and exclusive fragrance Starlight EDP, drawing on the unique aromas the wild elephants themselves would experience deep within their habitats in India. Two other Xerjoff perfumes will be available, which have also turned to India for inspiration for their scents.

We even recently had one of the elephants visit the store, who spent some time with the fragrances on the second floor.