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The Cook Book Hamper

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First came our very first Fortnum's Cook Book – an iconic moment over three centuries in the making – followed swiftly by this extraordinary hamper. Packed with our finest selection of tipples, confectionery and jars of utter deliciousness, this wicker is made for those who fancy themselves as a Fortnum’s cook.

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What's in the wicker

24 Items Inside•

Did you know? The price of a Fortnum’s hamper is always less than the cost of buying its contents and Wicker individually.


Discovery Notes

For a spoonful of sugar to make the Cook Book’s recipes go down spectacularly well, there’s a host of delicious jars – including our Pale Lime Marmalade, Spanish Orange Blossom Honey, Lemon Curd and Strawberry and Raspberry Preserves.

As for all the savoury delights waiting to be rustled up, there are condiments aplenty with our Piccadilly Piccalilli, Hot Horseradish Sauce, Hot English Mustard and Piccadilly Wholegrain Mustard alongside three essential ingredients – Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Beef Extract. Each a great match to a cheeseboard of Cave Aged Cheddar, Traditional Stilton Jar, Chipotle Cheese and Cornichons. Other savoury delights to devour are our Goose Foie Gras En Gelee, Potted Welsh Rarebit and Organic Farmed Smoked Salmon.

With such an assortment of delicious dishes, we’ve added bottles of Blanc de Blanc Champagne N.V, Greco di Tufo, Single Cask Malvasia Madeira, Claret and our signature Royal Blend Tea, each just as perfect for sipping while you’re playing chef with The Fortnum’s Cook Book.

Did you know? The price of a Fortnum’s hamper is always less than the cost of buying its contents and basket individually.

Hamper Weight: 17.98 kg

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