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We’re happy to announce that we can deliver selected items to some European countries once again

Take Time for Tea

Tea is a way of life at Fortnum's; we have a long-standing history as tea pioneers and today we're always looking for new ways to innovate with our favourite drink. While we would always recommend brewing with loose leaf tea for the most superior cup, we're happy to say that all of our teabags are plastic-free and completely compostable.

What's Your Cup of Tea?

Discover the bounty of blends at Fortnum's. 

Discover Our Tea Collections

Cups for Every Occasion

The joy of tea is that there's a different variety or blend for every occasion, from the big comforting hug of Royal Blend through the elegant life-enhancing spirit of Darjeeling FTGFOP.

Around the World with Tea

In tea, just as in wine, terroir is all, and gives tea its character, flavour, personality and charm. Whether it hails from the slopes of Darjeeling to the Highlands of Kenya, discover something distinctive today with our Classic World range of single origin teas.

Every Cup Tells a Story

Serve in Style

Doesn't good tea deserve equally good teaware?

Fortnum's Favourites

Fortnum's Favourites

Every Cup
Tells a Story

A distillation of over 300 years of tea expertise, Time for Tea is more than just a book. It's an adventure into the spectacular world of tea, together with 50 inspirational recipes, perfect pairings, teatime hacks and entertaining history.

Every day is a delicious adventure with Fortnum's. Follow our journey and share your own.