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The Mother of All Teas

Created by Fortnum's for Edward VII, Royal Blend has reigned and poured supreme since 1902. Our gift to the King, we combined Assam from India with Sri Lankan Flowery Pekoe for a smooth, honey-like flavour. It's quite a cup.

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From our Famous Blends to rare discoveries from every corner of the tea-growing map, discover a world of exceptional teas at Fortnum's. There's adventure in every caddy.

What's Your Cup of Tea?

Good tea is all in the preparation. From the very finest black teas to rare yellow teas, delicate white teas and even our new tea-free infusions, explore our range by type here.

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For tea as good as ours, only the finest teaware will do. Shop our beautiful tea pots, sets, strainers and infusers here.
Sour Cherry Iced Infusion

Try Iced Infusion #1

Discover the recipe for our naturally sweet, summer-ready and oh-so-refreshing Iced Sour Cherry & Orange Infusion
matcha tea bowl and whisk

Meet our Matcha

Read our guide to making the perfect cup of our ceremonial grade Matcha
earl grey cocktail on table

The 'Earl Grey' Aperol

A blend of Aperol and Smoky Earl Grey-infused Vodka, discover the celebration-ready recipe for our second Tea Cocktail

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