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Tea & Coffee

After more than three centuries of selling tea, at Fortnum & Mason we consider ourselves something of an expert in the area. We travel the globe to find the best ingredients for our exclusive blends– our coffees, meanwhile, are second to none. Need advice? We are only too happy to help.

Shop Tea & Coffee

Fortnum's Coffee

Coffee-lovers will be delighted by our newly refreshed range of coffee, which now includes several outstanding coffees from Panama. Add these to our popular blends - now in elegant new tins - and our historic heritage blends, and our coffee selection is second to none.

Large Loose Leaf Tea

One of the joys of loose tea is the particular alchemy that occurs when leaf meets hot water. Shop for our exquisite range of loose leaf teas and see what your fortune holds in the bottom of your tea cup.

Tea Buyer's Journal

Fortnum's Tea Buyer Darren Williams travels to Darjeeling.

Afternoon Tea

The tradition of taking tea and that little bit of something between lunch and dinner has long since been a feature at Fortnum & Mason. Our tranquil Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon was opened by HM The Queen and has since become a stylish destination for the most traditional of afternoon teas.

Exclusive Scottish tea

Fortnum’s is the only retailer in the world to sell Scotland’s first homegrown tea, from the award-winning Dalreoch Estate.

The Perfect cup of tea

Fortnum & Mason has been selling high-quality tea for almost 300 years. Here’s all you need to know about the ‘right’ way to make tea. No ceremony necessary.