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Welcome To Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum's Famous Tea

After more than three centuries of selling tea, at Fortnum & Mason we consider ourselves something of an expert in the area. We travel the globe to find the best ingredients for our exclusive blends– our coffees, meanwhile, are second to none. Need advice? We are only too happy to help.

Shop Fortnum's Famous Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

Our huge range of loose-leaf tea explores every possibility, from our own famous and historic blends to the rare First 'Flush'.

Tea Gifts

We think that tea makes an ideal gift, but choosing the right blend can be tricky. To save you the trouble, we have decanted a number of our best teas into delightfully decorative gift sets.

Classic World Tea

The leaves for each of these teas have a single country of origin, and will deliver a delicious and authentic tea experience.

Afternoon Tea

The tradition of taking tea and that little bit of something between lunch and dinner has long since been a feature at Fortnum & Mason. Our tranquil Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon was opened by HM The Queen and has since become a stylish destination for the most traditional of afternoon teas.

Fortnum's Coffee

Coffee-lovers will be delighted by our newly refreshed range of coffee, which now includes several outstanding coffees from Panama. Add these to our popular blends - now in elegant new tins - and our historic heritage blends, and our coffee selection is second to none.

Green Tea

A cup of green tea can make a refreshing alternative to the more familiar choice of black tea, and our delicious blends come in flavours from bold Moroccan Mint to our sweet yet delicate elderflower blend.