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The home cook should never be without a jar of something sweet and savoury to match their signature dish. Discover your every pantry need with Fortnum's library of Harvest-ready preserves, maramalades, condiments and honeys here.

Every Jar For Your Harvest Pantry...

Shop Chutneys & Pickles

Chutneys & Pickles

Shop delicious creations, from our famous Piccadilly Piccalilli, to all new Hot Peach Chutney.
Shop Mustards, Sauces & Jellys

Mustards, Sauces & Jellys

Feast-making, sandwich-improving, pantry-perfect jars: from Hot English Mustard to new 181 Sauce.
Shop Preserves & Marmalades

Preserves & Marmalades

Full of plump fruit and plenty of surprises - shop preserves, conserves, jellies and marmalades here.
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Find nature's finest at Fortnum's, from as far afield as Zambia, and as close to home as Tower Bridge.
Celebrating a Bountiful September Harvest

Celebrating a Bountiful September Harvest

A new month, a new season, so many new foodie favourites to be discovered here at Fortnum's! Settle in and make yourself at home...
Meet our Jars, 1-3

Peek beneath a lid or two...

Meet three of the extraordinary additions to our ever-growing Preserves here. Delicious!


Take a closer look at the colours, textures and ingredients of our delicious condiment creations. Dig in.
A Match Made in Fortnum's

A Match Made in Fortnum's

History is filled with memorable double-acts, but to our minds there is none better than tea and biscuits. Admittedly, we may be a little biased...