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Gather Up & Feast!

It's time to stock up for the season ahead with harvest-ready preserves, marmalades, condiments and honeys, and of course, our specially packed autumn hampers...

Lift the Lid on Autumn!

The Autumnal Hamper

The Autumnal Hamper

A cosy wicker stocked with every possible provision for autumn feasting, including seasonal tipples.
The Autumnal Hamper, Alcohol Free

The Autumnal Hamper, Alcohol Free

A tea-total – literally – edition of our autumn wicker, packed with warming brews.
The Harvest hamper

The Harvest Hamper

From condiments to biscuits,celebrate the season with this hearty and flavour-filled wicker.

Every Jar For Your Pantry...

Shop Chutneys & Pickles

Chutneys & Pickles

Shop delicious creations, from our famous Piccadilly Piccalilli, to all new Hot Peach Chutney.
Shop Mustards, Sauces & Jellys

Mustards, Sauces & Jellys

Feast-making, sandwich-improving, pantry-perfect jars: from Hot English Mustard to new 181 Sauce.
Shop Preserves & Marmalades

Preserves & Marmalades

Full of plump fruit and plenty of surprises - shop preserves, conserves, jellies and marmalades here.
Shop Honeys


Find nature's finest at Fortnum's, from as far afield as Zambia, and as close to home as Tower Bridge.
Meet our Jars, 1-3

Spread Joy

Meet three of the extraordinary additions to our ever-growing Preserves here. Delicious!

Condiment Creations

Take a closer look at the colours, textures and ingredients of our delicious condiment creations. Dig in.