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Food Hall

Fortnum's Food Hall is an irresistible display of gourmet pleasures, from chocolates and biscuits to smoked salmon and Stilton, vintage marmalade and seasonal produce. Passionate about provenance, we are proud to recommend every jar, spoonful and slice for our hungry customers.

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Pleasure Pantry

Behind every great cook stands a well-stocked pantry. Ours is filled with Cornish salt flakes, briny olives and salty nuts, tapenades, and a selection of common and uncommon herbs and spices. Old Mother Hubbard would stand amazed.

Meat and Fish

Our succulent meats are sourced from the best producers we can find to ensure the finest provenance and quality for every joint, chop and slice. From exclusive Glenarm racks of beef aged in Himalayan salt to dry-cured hams, exquisite charcuterie and our famous Pork Pies, whatever your choice of meat, you and your guests will be sure to carve and come again.

Sweet Fortnum's Honey

The honey, called simply Fortnum’s Bees’ Honey, varies from year to year, depending on the flora available to the bees, but is usually a lovely pale, toffee colour with a soft consistency. The very first crop tasted of the Oxfordshire countryside, where the bees had been staying before they were transported to London.

Flowers and Bouquets

To add to our extensive range of fresh flowers, our florist has recently created several new and stunning bouquets, each of which is named after a man or woman who has played a part in Fortnum's long and intriguing history.


Chocolate is one of life's most joyous pleasures, and the sheer variety of its many forms never ceases to amaze. From our exceptional Marc de Champagne Truffles and Salted Caramels to our beautiful Rose & Violet Creams, Fortnum's exquisite chocolates are the best kind of indulgence.

Homemade Cakes

Our cakes are made to our own exclusive recipes using the best ingredients. From FitzGeorge Fruitcake to Ambrosial Alchemy Prune, Fig & Date Cake, no effort has been spared to make the finest cakes money can buy.