We've been Masters of Merry since 1707

Without further ado, please join us on a whistle-stop tour of the last 311 years in our new film below
– as we celebrate that Christmas simply isn't Christmas without Fortnum & Mason.

Fortnum's Hamper


The original parcels of joy
Loose Leaf Tea


Pop, fizz, clink
Christmas feast


All of the good things

Stories on The Journal

Christmas cats

Fortnum's Festive History

From Dickens to Band Aid, our obsession with Christmas has been long-documented.
Christmas Cookbook

The Book of the Season

Centuries of festive wisdom in one delicious book: 'Christmas & Other Winter Feasts'.
Fortnum's Christmas Shop

Our Christmas Shop

Step inside the extraordinary world of merriment on the First Floor of our Piccadilly store.
The Gallery at Fortnums

Edward Bawden

The iconic Fortnum's illustrator's characterful creations have endured since the 1930s.
Christmas tips

Tips for the Big Day

Hints, tips, sage advice, and festive wisdom from the Home of Christmas. (That's us.)
Our Christmas Spiced Tea

Our Christmas Spiced Tea

Discover our once-in-a-season teatime creation, and three festive things to enjoy with a cup.
Christmas Events at Fortnum's

Christmas Events at Fortnum's

Our calendar is packed with so many festive happenings that even Father Christmas has warned us we may be overdoing things.

Book your party at Fortnum's

Book your party at Fortnum's

Whether you’re planning an intimate celebration or a festive feast for a larger group, we're here to help get the party started. Find out how, here.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gifts

Make your gift from Fortnum's extra-EXTRA-special by gifting a personalised hamper, box of chocolates, or bottle of something good.