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Chinese New Year at Fortnum's 福南梅森祝您: 金猪满福, 新春快乐

We are excited to celebrate the Year of the Pig with two very special menus, a Celebration Afternoon Tea event, and for the first time, a limited edition Fu Dai Hamper, packed full of delicious – and auspicious – things. 在福南梅森. 一系列新春特别餐点与活动正等您解锁。

The Fu Dai Hamper

The Fu Dai Hamper 福满新春福袋礼篮

A wicker overflowing with Champagne, tea, biscuits, sweets and chocolate, our first Chinese New Year hamper is the perfect luck-filled gift to bring home for your family reunion feast. A limited number of just 188 are available.


正逢新春佳节之际,礼品专家福南梅森特别推出限量版'福满新春福袋礼篮', 借我们精选的美食与美酒, 传递美好祝愿。 精选香槟、茗茶、饼干与巧克力,饱含吉祥寓意的款款礼品填满礼篮,象征着金猪之年的丰收与富足。

The Alcohol-Free Fu Dai Hamper 福满新春福袋礼篮(无酒精)

The Alcohol-Free Fu Dai Hamper 福满新春福袋礼篮(无酒精)

Available for worldwide delivery excluding Australia and New Zealand and for purchase in-store from 21st January.

无酒精版本福袋礼篮包含更多精选甜点, 支持全球配送(澳大利亚与新西兰除外)。1月21日起即可在皮卡迪利181号总店购买。

Tea 茗茶

Tea 茗茶

Fortnum's famous specialty


Biscuits 饼干

Biscuits 饼干

Delicious, surprising and moreish



Gifts 礼品

Elegant presents from Fortnum's


Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea 下午茶新春特别菜单

Usher in good fortune with Fortnum's with a special East-meets-West Afternoon Tea in our beautiful Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon – opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 2012 – between 5th-13th February.

在英国女王亲自开幕的Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon钻禧品茶沙龙,不仅能感受到纯正的英式下午茶体验,更能在新春佳节之际,品尝到福南梅森特别准备的精致创新茶点,唤醒味蕾也满含祝福和美好寓意。
于2月5日 - 2月13日限定

The Gallery

The Gallery 餐厅新春特别菜单

Dine on a special menu of celebratory foods, including wild sea bass and steamed pork buns – mei wei, if we say so ourselves – available 5th-17th February.

The Gallery 餐厅为就餐的宾客准备了别致的新春惊喜。代表年年有“鱼”的野生熏海鲈鱼、“诸”事大吉的的猪肉蒸包等特色中式菜肴将在农历新年期间亮相。即刻预订席位,尊享中西美食的碰撞。
于2月5日 - 2月17日限定