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Introducing the Gingerlossus

Teatime has never been a conventional affair at Fortnum’s, especially when enjoyed with our Lossus collection. Simply put, they are so extraordinarily enormous that it is near-impossible for them not to be the main event.

We’re proud to share the news that a new member has joined the prestigious (and extremely scrumptious) Lossus dynasty. The wildly delicious Gingerlossus is a crunchy, buttery biscuit crafted with chewy whole ginger pieces. It's wrapped in a coating of decadently rich dark chocolate and has just the right amount of bite.

Other ginger biscuits beware. The king has arrived…

Meet the Family

The noble Lossus family can trace its history back to 2000, when a biscuit-loving customer came to Fortnum's one day and inspired us to create a biscuit with chocolate and a macadamia nut core. Once we had created that, Fortnum's thought to itself, "it's lovely, but it could be much bigger". Never ones to shy away from a challenge - especially a food-related one - we did just that and we made it even bigger. And lo, there was Lossus, and it was great.


To this day, this very tasty family continues to grow. Meet all the other members who make up this delectable household. 

Chocolatey Chocolossus

Like all the members of the Lossus family, these biscuits were made for those who think biscuits should be big. A supersized version of our classic Macadamia Nut biscuits, it has a slightly chewy and gently crunchy texture as well as a rich and tasty slathering of irresistible dark chocolate. 

Terrific Toffolossus

Like its sibling Chocolossus, Toffolossus is giant in both size and flavour. A heavenly mix of salty-sweet, deliciously chewy toffee and plump dates, this titanic biscuit is enrobed in a mouth-watering milk chocolate layer. 

Cheery Cherrilossus

This scrumptious member of House Lossus has the depths of a deep dark black forest, which is exquisitely combined sour Morello cherries for a flavourful bite.

Magical Merrilossus

A merry chocolate-covered medley of fruit, nuts and spice, this Christmassy cousin of our Chocolossus is a delicious biscuit take on a classic Christmas Pudding. Made for cosy, wintery days in alongside a cup of our Christmas Blend Coffee.