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Introducing Our New Teaware Floor


Because there's a great deal more to tea than just tea.

60 billion cups of tea were made in the UK last year, with 97% of them made at home. If the English are oft-stereotyped as a nation of tea drinkers, then we must admit – takes a sip absent-mindedly, realises cup is empty, puts the kettle on again – it is rather difficult to argue in the face of such compelling evidence.



(Mental note: next time you are brewing a cup in your kitchen, watch out for someone in the front garden furiously scribbling on a clipboard.)



The truth is, Fortnum's is just as obsessive about tea, if not more so. We’ve been obsessing about it for more than three hundred years, in fact, beginning long before clipboards were even invented. It is perfectly possible that our own staff’s relentlessly enthusiastic consumption makes up several billion of those recorded cups.



We also know that when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea, it’s never just about the tea itself. It stands to reason that tea as extraordinary as Fortnum’s tea – and it really is extraordinary, as we are sure you already agree – needs an extraordinary teacup to match. And saucer, teapot, milk jug, tea strainer... and, well, you get the idea.



When assembling one’s brewing accoutrements, it is important to account for seven important steps in a cup of tea’s lifecycle. Of course it is no coincidence that seven is a magic number: there are seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven continents, and seven brides for seven brothers (all of whom we’re certain were partial to a good cup).



Boil. Brew. Serve. Sip. Store. Keep.

Ascend to the newly renovated First Floor of our Piccadilly store, and we will guide you through this spiritual journey. From exquisitely crafted silver and bone china teapots to exclusively designed tea sets and accessories, here you will everything needed to make your Afternoon Tea a truly special occasion. And by everything, we really do mean everything, including that Afternoon Tea sine qua non – a teapot that looks like a cat.



Drawing on our three centuries of expertise and celebrating our deep heritage in taking tea, the First Floor is home to the very best in teaware across the UK – featuring famed artist collaborations and Fortnum’s exclusives, and the works of new and emerging talents, and spectacular craftsmanship from designer-makers from across the UK. Discover making tools and tasting vessels from specialists in porcelain, glass and metal, categorised according to country and ceremony; along with rare finds and vintage and antique teaware in ceramic, wood and silver.



We are also proud to introduce The Tea Studio. Visit this space at 11am or 4pm – the universally acknowledged times for Elevenses and Afternoon Tea, respectively – on any given day at Fortnum’s, and you’ll find us brewing up a cup of something good for you to try. The Tea Studio will also host interactive and educational events, with workshops on everything from biscuit pairings and brewing tips to tea etiquette and history. Heaven knows that with 312 years of tea-making under our belts – if anyone's got a calculator to hand perhaps they could work out how many cups of tea that accounts for – we have enough advice to pass on.


Those unsure of where to find all of this within our shop should find our newest landmark rather helpful – The Great Wall of Teapots.

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