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The Hamper Gift Guide


Choosing the perfect present for someone can be quite the challenge. Firstly, there's the predicament of picking a gift that suits the occasion, then there's what to put inside the hamper. Finally, you've got to know how to wrap it and ensure it looks and feels every bit as special as intended.


As anyone who has ever received one will tell you, there is nothing quite like receiving a Fortnum's hamper. Before you delve into our full range of iconic wickers, come and browse a selection of our most popular Hampers - across various price ranges and with something to suit everyone. Let the delicious indecision begin!

The Grosvenor Hamper


Raise a glass to good times with The Grosvenor Hamper – stocked and supplied with every warming and delicious thing. From chocolate and biscuits to tipples and tea, this wonderful wicker is sure to bring everyone together for a jubilant celebration.

The Piccadilly

As anyone who has ever received one will know, home is where the hamper is. Fittingly enough, our Piccadilly Hamper is a little taste of our London lodgings, including teas, coffees, tipples, marmalades, preserves, condiments, biscuits and chocolates.

The Fortmason Hamper

Named after our famous Fortmason tea first brewed back in 1935, this hamper brings together all of our favourites – with scrumptious biscuits and Florentines, tipples, savoury pleasures, condiments and preserves bursting with flavour.

The Fortnum's Express Hamper

Picked, packed and ready to travel, this extravagant hamper is prepared for adventures near and far – and filled with delicious sweet and savoury delights for the journey too. With teas and coffees for sipping; biscuits for nibbling; preserves and condiments for spreading, and even more deliciousness ready to enjoy, all aboard for a Fortnum's feast.

The Fortnum’s Collection Hamper

For a little taste of our London lodgings, open up this most wonderful wicker. All lovingly handmade in our Piccadilly home, you will find our favourite biscuits, cakes, chocolates, jars of sweetness and, of course, tea within.

The Thank You Hamper

However you say it – perhaps merci, danke, shukran, or xie xie – and to whomever it’s said to, The Thank You Hamper is filled with many a delicious thing to show your appreciation. They might even thank you for giving it to them. It is a Fortnum’s hamper after all.

The Fortnum's Wine Hamper


The clue may be in the name, but this hamper has been filled with our most outstanding tipples, suitable for all your dinner party needs. Each from a select group of winemakers, the twelve bottles within will run you through light and lively bubbles to thoroughly sippable whites and rich ruby reds.

The Congratulations Hamper


When congratulations are in order, this celebratory wicker is the perfect way to celebrate. Filled to the brim with delicious things that will bring a smile to their face, there are toast-worthy tipples, crumbly biscuits and plenty of confectionery delights.

The Champagne & Chocolate Gift Box


Give your taste buds cause for celebration with Fortnum's Champagne & Chocolate Gift Box. Filled with an unbeatable combination of Marc de Champagne Truffles and Blanc de Blancs Champagne, it is a perennially popular gift, and for very good reason - the truffles are heady and decadent, and the champagne the finest of its kind.

The Taste of Fortnum's Hamper


Since our legacy began in 1707, we’ve set ourselves the task to create some of the world’s most irresistible gourmet pleasures and sippable delights – by both the cup and the glass. To showcase our efforts, this hamper brings together our favourite tea, champagne, chocolate and expertly baked creations. There truly is no better way to experience a taste of Fortnum's.

The Marylebone Hamper


Captured in this wonderful namesake wicker, The Marylebone Hamper is filled to bursting with every edible luxury to reach the very heights of refinement. Charge your forks and glasses – or indeed, cups – to dive into this hamper brimming with our favourite teas, tipples, biscuits, chocolates and more.