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Halloween: Brains, Bones & Chocolate Toads!




Forget the fancy dress, the horror movie marathons, the candlelit ghost stories and everything else - at its (black) heart, Halloween is about sweets and treats and chocolate by the skullful.

Okey Croaky

A surefire conversation-starter at any Halloween gathering is our Uncommon Toad. Just look at it: a truly magnificent specimen. Rare too, hence the name.

Produced exclusively for us by a classically trained sculptor in the South of England, the toad has been meticulously poured, sculpted and painted to a life-like accuracy – except it's made from from the finest rich and fruity Belgian chocolate going. Just don’t look him in the eye when you bite his head off. 



Things That Go Pop!

A delicious Halloween treat without any hidden surprises - there's no secret and devious flavours, no curry powder, chilli or anything else lurking inside, we promise - our Halloween Popcorn is made with salted caramel and milk and dark chocolate. Devilishly good.

The Horror, the Horror

 Naturally flavoured, naturally coloured and naturally gruesome, these jelly sweets have been shaped into Halloween icons and are packed full of fruity flavour.


They also arrive in spooky satchel, which is perfect for scourging more treats for the neighbours once you've devoured what's inside.  


Fire Up the Cauldron

Riding around a broomstick and cackling constantly is thirsty work, not least a recipe for a hoarse throat. A hot drink will be in order, then, for any witches on duty this Halloween.


Stir up a potion worthy of the Grand High Witch with the creamiest of hot chocolates: White Colombian hot chocolate, to be exact. Coloured with spirulina, this wicked recipe bubbles with an evil green glow.


Pick Your Poison...


Who says Halloween is for children? Not us, certainly, as these truffles prove.


Filled with a combination of very boozy treats, including - white chocolate Bellini Truffles, made with Fortnum's Prosecco, Marc de Champagne and peach puree; Milk Chocolate Lime & Gin Truffles, made with Fortnum's London Gin and real lime oil, and Kir Royale Milk Chocolate Truffles crafted from a generous glug of Fortnum's Cassis, a measure of Marc de Champagne and blackcurrant puree - they're far more treat than trick and definitely for adults only...


A Chocolate Skull, Anyone?

What could be more fitting come Halloween evening than sinking your teeth into a dismembered skull or three?


These are handmade in England in top-quality milk, white and dark chocolate. Delicious, certainly: if you're brave enough to open the box...