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Celebrate Halloween with Fortnum's

A spine-tingling chill has descended on Piccadilly, and the ghouls are swirling at our doors. In fact, our shop is brimming with so much supernatural energy this Halloween that somebody needs to get a good exorcist down here pronto. (Preferably an exorcist who likes a good party with many delicious things to eat.)


Fortnum’s is here to help you throw a Halloween celebration with pitch-perfect levels of horror and delight from the comfort of your own home.


From our spooktacular confectionary to terrifying tipples, kindly allow us to introduce all the delicious ingredients you need to bring Halloween to life at home this October.

Cast a Wicker Spell

No need to bother with a Book of Shadows – simply flip open one of our frighteningly full Halloween hampers instead. We’ve got baskets of deliciousness perfect for the season such as our Harvest Hamper, or if you're looking for something much more deplorable lift the lid on The Halloween Hamper and The Wicked Wicker Hamper. Each is bubbling over with enough ghoulish treats, hair-raising spirits, and evil surprises to sustain any hungry coven throughout the evening.

Conjure Some Scary Snacks

Throwing a devilish feast for your family and satisfying the tastes of a monstrously eclectic guest list is the key to a successful Halloween feast – after all, vampires and ghosts have decidedly different dietary habits, so it is essential to be prepared with all manner of devourable delights. Dish out the likes of Pick Your Poison Boozy Truffles, Milk Chocolate Coffin with White Chocolate Bones and our expertly sculpted Uncommon Chocolate Toad, and you will be unable to distinguish between screams of horror and shrieks of delight.

Add a Drop of Something Devilish

Well, maybe more than a drop - after all, this is the one night of the year that the forces of evil come together to party with reckless abandon. Plunder the dark depths of our Piccadilly Crypt for our range of wines and spirits – from Kah Tequila, served in skulls, to Fallen Angel Vodka, along with some devilishly delicious wines. See out the evening with a cosy cauldron of White Chocolate Witches Brew, glowing with an eerie green thanks to the addition of natural spirulina.

Our Scary Movie Selection

Grab all of your ghoul-friends (no more than six, of course) and gather around a terrifyingly terrific scary movie - with ample snacks to hide behind when it all gets a little too much. 

 Devour our Milk Chocolate Coated Pumpkin Spiced Caramel Popcorn, Witches Fingernails and our 3 Deadly Chocolate Skull Matchbox - perfect for rounding off a spooktacular night.