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FIELD by Fortnum's

Introducing the newest restaurant at Piccadilly

From The Felix Project to Future Matters, Fortnum's has always been committed to bringing the very best food to you while championing small and sustainable British businesses and craftsmanship along the way. Where possible, we have always foraged in and around these Isles – we've never really wavered from that path.


Today we’re proud to announce that the pop-up restaurant that we introduced in October 2021 is here to stay. FIELD by Fortnum's celebrates homegrown stories in all their glory. With sustainability and seasonality at the heart of a plant-led menu, each dish is designed around daily sourced produce and ingredients, almost all of which are sourced from the UK – we support small scale fishing by sourcing from day boats, while our meat, dairy and vegetables are sourced from farms that use regenerative farming principles.

Regenerative farms represent an approach to farming that doesn’t just sustain, but repairs and improves the resources, ecosystem services and communities it used and reaches, such as biodiversity, soil health, water quality and carbon sequestration.


Once cooked and served in our restaurant, waste is weighed and reported every day to make efforts to reduce it by turning it into other dishes such as soup, while items from the shop floor that aren’t fit for sale but perfectly delicious will be used in the menu too. Meanwhile the interiors will reuse and repurpose upcycled furniture, crockery, glassware and packaging from the wider Fortnum’s business.


FIELD by Fortnum's can be found on the Ground Floor mezzanine at our 181 address.


We look forward to welcoming you for something fresh from Fortnum’s. See you in FIELD soon.