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Extraordinary Easter Eggs




This Easter, we're happy to say we’ve truly outdone ourselves in the egg department. Of course you’ll find a classic milk number to crack into, but this guide here is all about celebrating our truly unique creations - from a creamy Blonde, studded with hazelnuts to a rather different kind of Scotch Egg. If you think these eggs are amazing, you should see the chickens that lay them...

Six real hen eggs have been carefully hollowed, painted fairy tale gold, and filled to the brim with decadent praline milk chocolate. Simply crack as you would a real egg and enjoy the creamy hazelnut deliciousness hidden inside!

Hand-crafted in heart of Tuscany, our Sicilian Almond & Dark Chocolate Egg is rich and morish. Dark chocolate is layered with roasted Sicilian almonds to create an intense, fragrant flavour. Made from 71% minimum cocoa solids, it's also suitable for vegans.

Much like their golden cousins, these real hen eggs have been painted in a signature slick of favourite colour, Eau de Nil, and this time, filled with a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline. Available in a crate of six, so they’re perfect for sharing.

Praline Scotch Egg



If you follow the breadcrumb trail back to the start, you’ll discover the original 'Scotched Egg' – was created in 1738 by yours truly as the perfect snack for those on the move. More than 250 years later, we have another lip-licking innovation, in the form of our chocolate Scotch Egg. Made from our simnel-flavoured milk chocolate praline with an deliciously silky orange ganache centre and a roasted hazelnut and cocoa nib coating. Slice in half (or quarters if you’re feeling friendly…) and share this indulgent treat with loved ones.

Hand-Decorated Eggs


Each and every one of these eggs is fabulously unique, so no two are ever the same. Almost too beautiful to eat, they come in Milk, White and Dark Chocolate. Our Milk and Dark shells are hand-tempered and moulded using our exclusive tercentenary-blend Chocolate to ensure a flawless shine. Inside every hand-decorated egg you’ll find matching Chocolate shapes too, and if you simply cannot choose which flavour to pick, you can buy a miniture trio of all three. A joy to behold and a delight to eat.

For the Hunt


When one Easter egg is not enough, this selection will surely suffice. Discover an assortment of milk, dark and white solid chocolate eggs with unique flavours including mandarin and raspberry. These little eggs are ideal for discerning chocolate lovers.

All Hopped Out


Sweetly nestled in this box rests a chocolate bunny, molded by hand by a classically trained sculptor in the South of England. Tired after a busy day of egg hunting, it's lifelike detail make it almost too adorable to eat. However, the irresistible Belgian chocolate will quickly tempt you.

Hazelnut & Blonde Chocolate Egg



Rich, nutty and undoubtedly irresistible, our Hazelnut & Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg has been exclusively hand-crafted by a family chocolatier in heart of Tuscany, Italy. Deliciously creamy blonde chocolate is layered with PGI-certified Piedmont whole-roasted hazelnuts to create a caramelized hazelnut flavour. It’s the perfect treat for the fervent foodie this season.

Ultimate Praline Ganache Egg Selection Box



Containing 132 eggs and weighing a whopping 2.6kg, this selection box of decadently smooth and creamy Praline Ganache Eggs is the ultimate Easter gift. Expertly hand-crafted and artistically finished, each miniature egg has been filled an irresistible ganache and blended with one of six flavours – including a perfectly balanced Milk Salted Caramel Egg, an intensely rich Dark Malabar Coffee Egg and the remarkable flavours of our White Rose, Cherry & Saffron Egg.