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Easter Eggs for Grown Ups




Oh-so-scrumptious and sophisticated, who said Easter Eggs were just for little ones? From Champagne infused creations to a single origin masterpiece, discover our collection of cracking eggs right here. Strictly for adults only…

From Grenada to Green Park...

Expertly crafted from our wave-riding, fairly-farmed Sailboat Chocolate, this sustainably-sourced 85% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is the ultimate guilt-free indulgence.


It has been on quite the journey to reach us, travelling all the way from the Caribbean island of Grenada, where a small co-operative of organic cocoa farmers produce the fine flavour 85% Trinitario Cocoa Beans, to a solar-powered factory in the Mourne Mountains, where the chocolate is broken down and tempered at one of the oldest chocolatiers in Ireland.


This vegan-friendly chocolate egg balances complex flavours of fresh fig, bold cocoa and rich aromas of tobacco and leather, and nestled within you will find fine flavour cocoa tea husks, a delicious by-product of the chocolate-making process, which can be steeped to make a smooth and exhilarating cocoa tea.

Crème of the Crop



Abstractly hand-painted with a final metallic flourish, this creamy quartet of eggs features Fortnum’s signature Blanc de Blancs Champagne. Two Milk Chocolate shells are filled with a silken Strawberry & Champagne cream, whilst two Dark Chocolate eggs are filled with a smooth Bucks Fizz fondant. Cheers!



Inside these realistic looking Black-Headed Gulls eggs you’ll find a delicious filling of Lemon Curd fondant and a Muscovado Salted Caramel. Housed in a White Chocolate shell which has been hand-speckled for your viewing pleasure… bite (or slice, if your feeling fancy) the top off to reveal these divine centres.

An Exceptional Egg

In 1738, when yours truly was a dashing 31 year-old, we invented the original and best ‘Scotched Egg’ – if you follow the breadcrumb trail back to the start, we created this eggy wonder as the perfectly portable snack for those on the move. Still available in our famous Food Halls today, more than 250 years later we decided to celebrate our most lip-smacking creation in chocolatey form.


Our Easter Scotch Egg is made from a simnel-flavoured milk chocolate praline with a silky orange ganache centre and a roasted hazelnut and cocoa nib coating. Slice in half or in quarters if you’re feeling generous…

The Italian Masters



Rich, nutty and undoubtedly irresistible, our Hazelnut & Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg is made by a family chocolatier in heart of Tuscany, Italy. Deliciously creamy Blonde Chocolate is layered with PGI-certified Piedmont whole-roasted hazelnuts to create an incredibly moreish, caramelized hazelnut flavour.



Exclusively hand-crafted for Fortnum's, our Sicilian Almond & Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is elegant and indulgent. This exceptional Dark Chocolate egg is layered with the finest roasted Sicilian almonds throughout to create an intense, fragrant flavour. Made from 71% minimum cocoa solids, it's also vegan-friendly.

Hello, Henrietta

Just the thing for discerning chocolate lovers this Easter, our decadent Dark Chocolate Hen has been meticulously handcrafted by award-winning chocolatiers in the Welsh countryside. Henrietta is vegan-friendly and has been made using sustainably-grown, single origin, 62% cocoa Ghanaian chocolate – revealing wonderfully earthy and rich cocoa notes.

Oh So English...



Filled with our signature handmade Rose & Violet Creams, this Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is skilfully made with our tercentenary-blend chocolate. Melted, tempered and moulded completely by hand, delve inside to discover a pairing of fondants, infused with natural flower oils and enrobed in milk or dark chocolate.



Perfect for the indecisive, this egg has a deliciously split personality - with a shell of both Dark and Milk Chocolate. Poured in our antique metal moulds, inside this double-flavour egg you’ll discover a divine mix of chocolates from our Handmade English collection, including vanilla caramel, butterscotch praline and nut clusters.

A Tuscan Treat

Expertly crafted from the creamiest white chocolate, this Pistachio & White Chocolate Black Truffled Egg is the ultimate Easter indulgence.

The decadent creation marries an outer shell of white chocolate sprinkled with DOP Sicilian Pistachios from Bronte and a filling of PGI Piedmont Hazelnut Gianduja with flakes of fragrant Tuscan Black Truffle.